Tandil: threw a hole and split into the police in the middle of a complaint – 11/26/2018


Ann Tandil, The 1 October Group – led by Griselda Altamirano and Jorge Lezica – has been on @ campaigns for plans and a generation of sources of work, sent to the local ANSES and the Labor Secretary, who complained about "Real work, fair salary and break up". The campaigns took place on Monday in an unusual view where the campaigners put them urine and excrement for the Police.

How did all these conflicts begin?

"We are trying to have a good job record, where they tell us they are going to use interim plans to reduce the crisis, but also work in the generation of jobs or in the product system that is useful in the sector. We want the national state to come to our case, today in Tandil we have a clear example of what's going on. Happening with Metalurgics and we believe that the case needs to be taken that's going to stay in & # 39; town and the wider sector, "said Altamirano at the end of October as part of a cut in Route 226.

A month later, on 20/11, his day group started hinder the entrance door to the Secretary of Labor and the United Kingdom Employment and at the seat of the Petitions Department.

In that framework, as stated The Eco of Tandil, A large group of Federal Police staff came to the building from July 9 to 800, they dropped off and delayed two men and nine women.

"The eleven were transferred to Federal Police headquarters at Maipú at 600 and reinforced the place. Last minute, an important group of exhibitors from the group that was met here came here. They cut the street in Maipú and Fort Independence and started their complaints"said the media from Tandil.

It was in this framework, Monday, that the exhibitors – their application to # 39; freeze their partners – throw a bucket box and stream to police staff. The video was broadcast by Tandil News.

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