& Tap; again, & # 39 ;: Ariana Grande will blow down Piers Morgan about a woman's sex


Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan have been scattered in a Twitter spat after a UK TV representative has ideas about women and how they are going to be. use their sexuality.

The 53-year-old building shoes set up on Wednesday when he criticized the image of disparity pictures of the British Little Mix family group. It was expected that the photoshoot would welcome its & # 39; group, but Morgan said they had played a conjecture by the American group Dixie Chicks and they were "using sex to sell records".

Ellen DeGeneres also excavated on the TV person, and his / her; argued that "breaking up a modern woman" was depicted that the actor had been used to appreciate the celebrations of the Men's International Day.

Big mother, Joan quickly, aimed at Morgan, saying: "Honest what you are wrong? Do not always teach your mother, if you have nothing to say, do not Tell me! You came to The Ellen Show that was a shame, it's an angel. Little Mix today. Have you ever heard about paying estate? "

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None of the piers at Piers Morgan are today at Ariana Grande today.


None of the piers at Piers Morgan are today at Ariana Grande today.

Morgan threw back, saying that his mother was always teaching his / her; speak their own mind.

"Ellen's hypocrit," wrote on Twitter. "In terms of Little Mix, I would like to use the talent to sell records rather than to express their sense of expression. How will your own daughter!"

Large, 25, then enclosed, wrote: "It's an amazing and good human being in Ellen. I use my talent and my sexuality all the time because I'm choosing. Women can be generous and talented.

"We will continue to fight" so people can understand. I say this with respect, but thank you again. "

The last line of the tweet commented on & # 39; Thank U &, the latest title, Grande, Next. It was released earlier this month and it's a # 39; Miss the old girlfriend Miss Mac Miller.

Morgan answered quickly. "Hi Ariana! How beautiful you hear from you as soon as your mother. Indeed, women can do what they like – but if they use / do not want to sell records to I'm going to call you / You're getting out of it. Every respect, but thank you THERE. Go ahead. "

Grande replied, "I look forward to the day that you understand that there are other ways to make yourself relevant than criticizing young women , beautiful, successful for everything they do. I think that's a lovely thing for you and your job or what's left. "

Grande also added a half-nude portrait of Morgan's advertising Burger King. She wrote: "When do you do it right?"

Then Morgan invited Big to go on the show he is hosting, Good Morning Britain, to "do this as a hand-to-woman".

"We can also take our mothers if you like," he said.

But the star star did not get it off, once again to & # 39; tweeted to cry "thanks, the next". She then shares her from her most recent music video, which shows how he was a senior senior director with a description of the 2000 comedy Enter itSouth Westerly

Not the first time Morgan went to battle with Grande.

Morgan needed to make an excuse for damaging Grande after she had criticized her & her; leaving the UK just after a bombing at the MCR stadium in Manchester in 2017.

When Grande returned in June and sent great hospitality to a great concert to honor those who were suffering from her. bombing, Morgan discovered that it was difficult to have a bad impact on her.


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