TAP staff will see negative measures for Madeira in private control; company


President of the TAP Workers' Commission, Cristina Carrilho, said today in the parliamentary parliamentary committee, despite the fact that a 50% share of the capital is at the moment; The Portuguese state, the private regulation and some are brought to a detrimental effect on the interests of Madeira's customers.

The employee's representative introduced, for example, a disagreement with the decision to close TAP housing in the city of Funchal, and he returned to be the place to be Madeira's clients, especially when they had problems for solving. According to Cristina Carrilho, the best interests and in particular the service for the citizens of the devolution departments would be better protected if the city's capital and air management were 100 percent of the public. On the other hand, he found that branches in the Department did not stop staffing and that the number of staff resided at 23 to last year last year.

With regard to the delay and closure of trips confirmed at the beginning of last year, the Chairman of the Staff Committee considered that Madeira was prejudiced in the same way as the other destinations and its # 39 ; remembering that most of it (65%) was even due to wind at the island airport.

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