Tara Khoury .. A girl who is familiar with Ahmed Hilmi's talents with the Little Big Stars program


Opening its first program of the new Ahmed Helmi program on MBC Egypt Little Big Stars. In a & # 39; video, Tara El Khoury's daughter Ahmed Hilmy is learning about her talents.

The star Ahmed Helmy talks to a group of children in two-part short and different meetings. It's a conversation; in the first place of faithfulness, simple and light, and his / her; Introducing a variety of conversations in terms of the talent and age of each child and the ability to communicate, which translates the conversation to humorous heart stations and humorous ideas and attitudes. He received listeners from the audience in the studio and the audience of their homes.

In the second part of each interview, the child shows a unique talent or ability, in front of the audience on the platform that is equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment and decorations for each talent or creative ability.

In the first program of the program, the listeners will listen to them. Appointed by special youth talents for children from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia.

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