Targets have not been identified, Van Toan is the number that is too fun Sport


In the 77 minute, the Myanmar-Vietnam game was over, and Van Toan was a marker on the Myanmar web, but Phubes Lekpha's referee was dismissed from his banner, not recognizing his goal.

This is a very conscious decision and makes many mixed ideas. Most people have a think the arbitrator made an error, so Vietnam's team lost the right goal.

At the end of the game, Van Toan did not; hiding his sadness and regret on his personal page. HAGL club players will return the preparatory time, with the sore throat, and # 39; worried yourself.

By reporting, Van Toan does not know the "too dark number" when the target is not known.

The 1996 vigil's status quickly became aware of and hosted many fans and crew members. BTV Tran Quang Minh of VTV wrote: "My goals are, the whole country recognizes, just like me, I wish you all your success and your team."

Park Hang-here also said he was not satisfied with the referee's work and watch the video to find out if Van Toan is outdoors. They have ideas.

After their game, Phubes Lekpha's referee's page also has a & # 39; Find out many fans and make a fine, even a & # 39; threatened. So, the "black king" must change the image so that the fans have a violent spirit.

The target is not known, Van Toan is my pretty black number & # 39; - picture 3

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