Tariq al-Shennawi talks about the situation between Zaki Rustam and Faten Hamama: "He said he was not … Masrawy


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Monday 18 February 2019

Write me – Manal al-Jawushi:

Detector Tariq al-Shennawi commented that the late artist Zaki Rustam was a special and special issue in Egyptian art, saying that he was one of the best Egyptian films and cinemas. ever been.

There was a great criticism in the special statements for "Masrawi", when Rustam died, he was a dry copywriter, and his friends from the technical center, and was a high rise physical and lifting the strength of his youth, strong and did not marry all his life.

Al-Shennawi explained that there are references in stories related to Zaki Rustam. "I remember someone told me a story when Regisir was late for his position by Zaki Rustam, so he caught hold and almost killed him because he was not happy to be late."

He said: "Hassan Mustafa Qali, who is banned in the movie, Faten Hamama, is the heroine of the film to be a special look more than once, Vstki Rstm noted and said," Faten Htaydi once two and four and four, and not Httefoki Alia, Blash Taidi. "

He stated that his resignation was paid to 3,000 pounds, and this figure is very high at that time, and Hussein Riyad was in the same age, and the posts were close, but his salary is only 1000 pounds.

He concluded by saying: "Due to the increase, his salary rose to 3000 pounds, and the last two years of his age was away from art, as he heard the hearing said , "It's not like such members, and he retired, and Leila Rustam, the renowned journalist. "

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