Tax collection rises in January of Economy


The country tax collection rose by 5.8% in January, reaching 17.1 billion pesos, compared to the same 2018 period, when it was 16.1 billion pesos.

This was reported on Monday with the National Tax and Taxation Directorate (Dian), which ensured that increase was saying It was run by taxes related to foreign trade and sale.

Taxes from external markets raised 23.4 per cent in the first month of the year year to 2.04 billion pesos, As long as the VAT collection was a & # 39; going up 4 per cent year annually to 7.17 billion pesos, the Dian appeared.

At the same time, taxes related to domestic economic activity increased by 6.7 per cent annually in January, Dian said.

Colombia established a destination of 148 billion pesos tax collection for this year, higher than the 144.4 billion pesos received in 2018, when it increased by 6 per cent.

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