Taxes: Cam Talbot is collided after he has been able to go. loss of Oilers' work


This is the story of a league where Tom Wilson or the Edmonton Oilers do not know what the name is; go round. Almost every time.

The Olears were just back 12 minutes ahead of 1-0 after the Anaheim successful with the attracted visitors and 17 seconds left to play. Then they watched that the Bank stole the second point with a premature goal. Bummer.

Moving to St. Louis on Wednesday evening, where the students were more than those of the game. But with a bad start and anemic crime, Cam Talbot was sitting on a binge with a minute to play, a 2-1 deficit and an extra attack there; trying to find something, anything like a criminal way.

Suddenly, grow! The Oscar Klefbom single-timer had a game, and the Oilers were won in hunting.

That moment they blew in Anaheim? He returned back in the battles against the Blues, and with Friday and Sunday home games against major enemies in the west of Minnesota and Calgary, the Earls have placed their own position to do something well after a brutal November.

Some sailings from St. Louis, where his influence is; went out suddenly to figure out what was in negatives just minutes ago.

Can Talbot

Therefore, Cam Talbot CAN can win, although there may be a doubt when a personalized streak was; lose a six-game game.

It was just an award; Talbot, who had no chance of the two main aims of St. Louis, both coming to some religious specification with his wings. It was .933 to save a percentage, and just closed the door after the Blues went 2-0. He does not do that, and he has no chance of returning a visit or a long visit, right?

Here's what we know about these Oileagan: they do not look like a team that will to achieve many. Right. So, gatherings that will enter more than two nights each night are essential if this boat enters the playoffs.

Mikko Koskinen stole the No. 1 work from Talbot. Now it's a return, a good sign in to these parts.

Oscar The Cinch

Protected, in particular one threat of attack, a boy from Klefbom gets the right time to heat for the Oilers.

He has seven points in the six games that left, he got the OT award on November 27, Dallas, and his throwing objective was on a single timer with 56 remaining lugs on a & # 39; clock in St. Louis. He played more than 30 minutes (pre-included) on Wednesday, and despite having much done; Wanting from a team that is not guilty from behind, Klefbom has turned turns to give you everything he is every night of the record.

He saved the Wednesday day, sending the Oilers home from the road at .500, and back on the West road.


First of all, we thought, "Okay, it will take a while." Under Ken Hitchcock, the Edmonton Oilers would discover how to shake them out of the net, and then the objectives will come.

Toga cas.

In eight games under Ken Hitchcock, the Edmonton Oilers now has 16 visits (non-included destinations). They are 5-2-0-1, which are very spectacular to think they are; Give two goals a chance to play.

So what's there? It's been clear enough by Patrick Chiarelli's Oilers, they do not have enough scam from their wings. The scoring burden falls to three hundred pounds – Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl (the band's play) and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who lasted on Wednesday.

They need help, and Tobias Rieder should be back back soon.

By damaging Draisaitl, a natural center that's a playing with McDavid, Alex Chiasson conducts all the Oilers captains with 11 goals. Drake Caggiula has seven. After that, there is no more than two goals in one Olat rod, over 28 games of this season.

With three goals now, Klefbom na Milan Lucic, Zack Kassian and Jujhar Khaira (one of them) have more goals, and Jesse Puljujarvi, Ty Rattie, and Caol Brodziak in the middle (each of them).

Edmonton has a strong influence against the Blues, but the 60 minutes are needed to mark a second goal. Like Teemu Selanne, the Ketchup bottle would probably be hugged at the moment.

What's going around …

There is a growing glue in the Edmonton market for the lack of motions that McDavid has to do; drawn from NHL rules. There is little value, but it should also be aware of the calls to the Oilers route – and on Wednesday they were delays.

Moving 2-1 in the second half, Matt Benning stopped Vladimir Tarasenko long and as he traveled to the Oilers. Tarasenko went to Talbot, who went down, just like Zach Sanford caught hold of the Edmonton line.

The aim was to be refused, and shows showed that Tarasenko was undoubtedly introduced to Talbot. It was a breach; who was visiting the scout.

They will not get more solved than that.

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