Taylor Swift uses face-to-face technologies to watch fans at a concert – AI Dealtic Arts – cnBeta.COM


According to foreign media statements, in May this year, Taylor Swift held a concert with an independent recognition system in Rose Bowl, California. So what's the target of this system? – Swift fan. It is acknowledged that this word recognition system is placed in a showroom that is displayed; display on the editorial platform, which will record the word words of the observer in secret.


Security expert told the media that visitors are scanned as soon as they go. look. The data is then drawn to "command center" in Nashville, Tennessee, and then compared to the latest known warning database.

An American artist has not been open before using a face-to-face recognition technology at his or her concert. However, this is not illegal, since the concert itself is a private activity, so the organizer can not watch any event in the event.

Swift security measures can be considered, but it is not certain that people have the first time; Using technology recognizes a word to deal with non-happy partners.

In addition, technology recognizes a major facade in the United States and continues to improve. For example, Ticketmaster applicants to replace the tickets can connect to scan the face recognition of the seat and further develop the technology.

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