Tea Meng Yiru, sister Guozhong, is a companion. "It's not different from others." – Free cuisine


When Meng Ruru (right) was in the middle of the country, her sister and sister came out to her. (Built from Facebook)An artist said the referendum has married and equal rights held on Saturday. Many artists have expressed their ideas. Meng Ruru has shared personal knowledge. She recently named her sister as a companion on Facebook. "I remember when I was in China, my sister told me that she loves girls, and I remember I was so sorry I was crying." Meng Ruru said: "I'm feeling my sister is not a sister, as a stranger".Meng Yuru is a strong marriage and equal rights. (Built from Facebook)

Meng Ruru said, because the school did not know that the actual sex education was at the same time, when I heard my sister got into being a companion, I did not I was so sorry when I was going to; crying, but also frightened. "I was scared at that time, I was afraid that everyone would know my sister and everyone. It's not the same." But, when we grow older and older Bringing more partners and friends really, we find out that they are very friendly and talented. They are not different from others, but they are under great pressure because of their partnership.

She uses her own knowledge to support marriage equality, saying that "both good and bad in the referendum" does not include eterosexual into homosexuality, or a # 39 ; Encourage everyone to change comedies. "It wants to understand tolerance and respect for different people. People, just because you think they are different." Do not forget to swear to you, "I like I read my family, so I hope that I have a love to be loved. "

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