Tea plants are warming up in the early summer camellias


Although their years are not as simple as their family's relatives, tea plants have a good color showcase for local landscapes.

The flowers are about inches of diameter and white with orange stamens. I'm surprised, the bees are deemed, stretching about a & # 39; collect pollen.

Tea plants make real camera that looks like situations that are very good. grow due to the japonica and sasanqua species more colorful than coming into the winter.

They grow better with soil crying and in a slightly acidic soil. Some people use their small tea pages for drink but they are describes different results.

Camellias could easily be found on the route or used as a backdrop for gardens in your response to winter color.

There are several species and species available in many colors, with red and pink changes as well as white at local garden centers. There is even yellow camellia.

Camellias generally grows better in sunshine. Many can resist each sun, but the light looks like it; give them weight pressure. Here are some other tips to help with camellias to your landscape.

  • Choose a mixture that is known to grow well locally. The best known types are usually the best.
  • Keep new plants to expire and to; roofing. Regular care is required for about a year.
  • Water-based planes at least once a week during dry times.
  • Feed once in March, June and August with azalea-camellia product.
  • Control of a tea scale, a white insect, with a systematic insect device at garden installations.
  • Complete the entire price at the end of the # 39; May, when camellias start to make her / her; ears of flour.

If you want to look more closely at camellias, many of them are displayed at the Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando and Mead Garden in the Winter Park at the end of the autumn and winter.

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