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In the current system of CAND schools, the Police of People's Academy (CSND) is hosted by a & # 39; Most: a majority in terms of training size; the highest quality teachers; Most of the contracts are & # 39; guarantees your greatest learning and environment with rich knowledge of a traditional culture.

From a university that is not yet designated as a "map" of universities in Vietnam, to date, the Police Academy of People was registered in the network of security and police training colleges in Asia. In the last 10 years, the CSW Institute has been extremely inspiring, one of the few universities in Vietnam to receive a Hero Award of the Year twice.

In these amazing achievements, there was a deep and distinctive view of Lieutenant General, Professor Nguyen Xuan Yiem.

Teacher, Professor Nguyen Xuan Yiem

Teacher, Professor Nguyen Xuan Yiem

Creative "disappointment"

A prestigious quality center must have a key principle; Type in regulatory and professional work. Professor Nguyen Xuan Yem has made a deep knowledge in the area of ​​security and order state control, leadership science, order and criminal studies.

The author, editor of many books on police science. Speaking about this, the head of the Ministry of Public Security instructed Chief Executive Xuan Yiem, director of a large-scale training center (13,000) opposed to "gold," and expectations Professor Xuan Yiem will have great knowledge and great respect in the scientific community that will help to change CSD and rise.

For nearly 9 years as Director of the Institute, Professor Xuan Yiem has been aiming to establish this training as a prestigious training center, which will establish a "signal" in the system education. university education.

When we asked, "What do you have at hand and in those early days, there are many challenges?" Professor Xuan Yiem said: "There is no easy work, Speech in school conditions are not available. The quality of the teachers is far from schools. The teacher's work situation, the student building is very narrow. I have a memory at that time, The school library is very bad, with just a few books. International relationships are close to zero, although the school has been established for a long time. Things that I'm worried about, to see and see my bad duty.

But a scientist is accustomed to having practical knowledge (Professor Xuan Yiem has done a lot of knowledge of work units such as the Institute of Criminal Science, Police Advisory Department, Bad Droichead Bureau Professor Xuan Yiem has chosen the progress as "investment for teaching and staff management." It was a product, people decided on everything: A good training center needs a good team. At the same time , he encouraged his model of sentences, so that everyone can see the dignity and responsibility, which is highlighted as a head coach, which works to work better.

However, Professor Xuan Yêm did not have many of the new students at first, but they have discovered that Professor Xuan Yiem is "investing in the place right ".

Training has been focused on three main stages: training for trains and key experts, training for female friends and training for young friends

Training has been focused on three main stages: training for trains and key experts, training for female friends and training for young friends

The dedication and dedication of Professor Xuan Yiem's ​​school has brought people together, they have created a strong and powerful strength and a Party Committee and a Board of Directors unanimously.

"My management vision is the largest decrease for deputy directors, so that everyone can improve their heads, but also report to the director. I & # 39; imposing his inner self-reliance, focusing on senior teachers and grandparents. At the same time, I love young carts who want to go to school, they accept and create the highest levels. "

Only a short time ago the quality of the Police Academy team team was resolved. Professor Xuan Yiem has outlined the criteria for the training of professional members regarding professional morals, professional qualifications, tuition skills, scientific research skills and practical skills. The training has been focused on three main stages: training teachers and key experts, and training of female courses and their young staff training.

To date, the Institute has 18 professors, 41 associate professors, 126 doctors, 400 masters. A good team, the next post in the school also gradually made amazing results. It is to build a healthy, healthy environment related to strengthening control and control.

In the last 10 years, the Institute has made major changes in its resources and has been a school with facilities at the top of the centers and schools. The reputation is rising, many international students have come to the Academy to learn completely in English.

The People's Committee guides the way in which to # 39; building "prestigious universities", and the implementation of information technology in the & # 39; teaching and learning process. Many representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Training and Ministry of Defense came to visit and analyze the school's "exciting university" model.

General brings "mother's heart"

These are the deep marks of General Lieutenant General, Professor Nguyen Xuan Yiem in training and science. But there is another "side" that we can not tell. General is a "love".

Generally, many of the members were involved, including friendships, academics and academics, saying that Xuan Yiem was always fond of them, and his / her. respecting them through the behavior of respect. Literature and meaning in the teacher. He is warm and generous. It is simple and deep.

I also heard from some of my people that they understand that anyone who is a new or long-term expert, at least young or old, is a member of staff, supervisors or sub-groups when they interact with teachers, they do not; see the distance and the boundaries. With Xuan Yama teacher always close, friendly, glass, under his interests, interest, willingly share.

Father Xuan Game is always close, friendly, glass, sub-interest, interest, and sharing all the way.

Father Xuan Game is always close, friendly, glass, sub-interest, interest, and sharing all the way.

On holidays, Tet or the force's traditional day, teachers have an active interest, sharing it with people around it in an imaginative way. At those times, the people who were initially promoted by the masters were the staff, and those who were abusive. Usually (from the brothers the pets to the bus drivers, to the cleaners …).

Every year, during the New Year of the Moon, on the 30th night of the Tet, the teacher will attend the New Year's Eve & New directly and heat celebration celebration according to the settlement. He went to all kitchens, every house of Russia because students were concerned about the students to be home-to-home and to-do; Welcomes the spring in the air war, without family, friends, close relatives.

And I remember, in 2016, the story about Lt. Col. Two Thi Huyen Tram – a D36 trainee driver who chose to die, refusing to control cancer to save her baby. Baby Bear later.

Speaking with spiritual maternity and proudly proud of the student of the Academy, He was one of the first who visited and visited; inspiring her chest. A fire had fallen on the branches of Lieutenant General when he saw an old student of the school.

Game Master and Visit to Lt. Col. Two Thi Huyen Tram - a D36 student at CSND Academy on July 17,

Game Master and Visit to Lt. Col. Two Thi Huyen Tram – a D36 student at CSND Academy on July 17,

He gave a mother's heart. After leaving the hospital, the next day, he proposed the intention of establishing "Dang Thi Huyen Tram" – to help students and alumni of the institute in difficult situations. There is a division, staffing division, staff, staff and students throughout the Academy. Images and human movements have a strong impact on their entirety business as well as their. society.

He always told the working cards and the pupils in control, as well as professional matters and actions, that the directors need to know and share with the smallest officers, In That family, the loved ones are the most suited to them.

Mr Nguyen Xuan Yiem visited Tran Gek (son of Lieutenant Two Thi Huyen Tram) at his family on April 22,

Mr Nguyen Xuan Yiem visited Tran Gek (son of Lieutenant Two Thi Huyen Tram) at his family on April 22,

The idea of ​​building an environment of humanity education, which focuses on the tradition and history of the teacher, is clearly demonstrated through the works of the century that it has been a & # 39; cooking and managing a lot. okay These are the amazing work of the Ho Chi Minh President and the Interior Ministry of Interior Ministry, Ministry of Public Security through a variety of times; The Temple of the Literary Institute is the teacher who worships the Chu Van An; The King of Hungary's national logo is for children in memory of the money to protect water every 10/3 time …

Most recently, during the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute (15 May, 1968 – May 15, 2018), the dedication, dedication and endeavors of the teachers and the Board of Directors and the active units have helped to allow the Academy to be spacious, clean and beautiful, the area of ​​the Academy is extended to almost 20 hectares.

In 2002, Nguyen Xuan Yiem became an abusive professor in Vietnam. Later on, he was asked to be a member of the Law Faculty Council (2004-2009), as well as the Council Secretary for Professor of Security Science.

The next two centuries, Professor Nguyen Xuan Yiem is a member of the name of Professor of State Council, the chairman of the title Professor of Security Science Council. He is also Chairman of the Council of the Special Ministry of Public Administration of Public Security and Ministry of Defense.

With the knowledge of the Chairman of the Council of the Department, Professor Xuan Yiem advised that the Department of Council should have a close association with universities and research centers; At the same time, scientists need to recruit after the re-election to serve a scientific service and teaching.

Over the years, the Security Science Council has focused on training of experts and young workers. The last time, PGS's many helpful professors of the 8X generation, excellent in 2-3 foreign languages, have jobs in international magazines, there are many surveys.

Recently, Professor Xuan Yiem has inspired his aspirations to the Ministry of Education and Training to develop the most efficient and effective practice of the Higher Professor of Science.

Nhat Hong

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