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LTS: Reflection on incompatibility to & # 39; A good test for teachers, Thanh An tutors identify the hard work of students when they need to; help their staff complete their exams.

Would like to send an editor to readers.

Any teacher who participates in a district teacher test or a good department must invest and work hard to provide the tests in accordance with current regulations.

However, the thing that directly affects its & # 39; This competition is the students taught by teachers

The schools are assigned by the Department, to "take part in the war" when they are; organizing a lot of students to bend themselves to "fire a fire" with the teacher to see the poor people.

We participate in the practice test on its & # 39; Advanced Education Network organized by the Education Department.

How to encourage teachers effectively? Image: http://mnthitranyl.vinhphuc.edu.vn

Since the school was leased from Class II, there were only 21 classes. However, the number of teachers registered up to 133 teachers.

The duration of the fuel is two weeks continuously and so you have to say that the management team needs to always have professional leaders with them; Competition as every day comes to most teachers.

The vice president of the school and the head of professional registration, and organize classes for teachers to be able to; attending other schools.

Each teacher will teach 2 hours of practice, which is a. means that many classes have been arranged for teachers to attend their teaching competition.

Therefore, not only school managers are struggling but the new pupils are the ones who are trying to; need to be suffering and a & # 39; suffering from most.

It is 2 part of the teacher's teaching, including one class and one optional lottery.

The information that is good or easy to teach, teachers often choose to make their own choices.

However, in the eighteenth of the Competition, it is mandatory to teach under the Program Program and the local school Record.

This also means that there are many problems and are not well taught.

In fact, most teachers now have a & # 39; teach 1-2 blocks, while there are 4 blocks in the secondary school, there are three blocks in the secondary school.

So many teachers need to draw enough that the teacher's teaching of the school should never be difficult.

Indeed, this hard work needs to be the responsibility of colleagues and, in particular, to think, and to encourage students to be able to; teach their classes to prepare at home that is good to "help" teach the teacher. my own.

Teachers can not succeed in teaching, or poor teachers themselves, to do things that need coordination and student commitment.

If the student does not work together, the class will grow. However, most of the students are very enthusiastic about being able to; co-operate with teachers who participate in the & # 39; competition because this is the work that students often think about.

As a table of chess, observe classroom activities, the teacher reminded the teacher, in the classroom that was distributed to the teacher, and finally the teacher to take the test to know his / her class and guidance before entering formal teaching.

Many teachers "carefully" ask students to prepare each section, prepare specific questions for students in advance.

"Express" teacher's request, & # 39; remember, often recommend so that a & # 39; Most students going to a carefully prepared lesson, indeed they must consult the previous document.

When they came to the classroom, most were enthusiastic about being able to go to the classroom. pick up the lesson. Many of the volunteers spoke, with volunteers to read their paper enthusiastically, and there were still hard questions to build students' arms.

After each lesson, the teacher relieves but most students are tired of lessons.

There are lots of classes because the continuous record that staff are doing is; Drawing into two courses after each other is that the students are always in a bad state.

This teacher has just come out, another teacher has entered, so the students are always in a difficult, bad and focused situation, there is no time to relax.

Classes, in a class, up to 3 must teach good teachers with three different subjects; making the students very hard.

Assigning a good number of teacher tests to individual schools may have created a large number of teachers in all subjects.

So he created too much responsibility for the schools, the Department, and got a loan on the place. More teaching staff, more emphasis on the students.

Although every teacher and teacher has different teaching approaches, the class activities must be different and extremely popular. Teachers need to use their procedures in their own capacity.

Therefore, students need to focus on the teacher's guidance.

Often, local media is often borrowed as workplaces for teachers to provide appropriate opportunities for teachers to judge exams and staff.

So many schools regularly organized this competition to another competition that placed a great emphasis on school students.

It is still known that the good teacher competition is the best place for teachers, units and education but it may be more effective and practicable than just a choice of highly ordinary teachers Increase the effectiveness of teachers quality competitions.

It is important to reduce the importance of students. As a result, every time the organization is a school, the students are very tired.

Although many of the areas advocate, educate teachers so much & # 39; as possible! Student anxiety … teachers are unsure?

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