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Teaching not only on podium

Duong Thi Thu Ha, Le Loi High School teacher, Ha Dong (Ha Noi) a student who has a lot of ideas that the school is not very complex. As a biology teacher, but his creativity does not stop in his / her knowledge; subject. For the 2017-2018 school year, Ms. He has built many plans for students to carry out many tests with the study. In particular: Ajnomoto Vietnam's nutrition and performance research; Find out what pause is causing illness at Edufarm Academy …

In particular, it is worthwhile to announce the project with college students from their work. Ms. decided to Yes, sometimes in school, students are asked to donate charity by giving clothes, asking parents to buy gifts for poor students, areas of flooding. However, these procedures can not be very helpful for students to understand instant sense. So, she went on a project with students to grow tulips to get money to raise money for charity.

Teaching students from real experiences 1Duong Thi Thu Ha

After school, she gave students to Vietnam's Vietnam Academy to get the way they were getting tulips from Ho Minh Viet, a talented teacher in curricular ways. After receiving the students the knowledge, she spent almost 14 million VND to buy seeds for all classrooms in the class for each care about two flower potatoes in the school. Since then, every day to class, students are more interesting and accountable when the time goes to the water, the compost. Water, sunlight needs to be a calf and a calf again. Holidays, school children will cut each other for care unless flowers bloom. "There are such problems, when the flowers are causing, not only do the children" s "" get the results out of the work, "said the value of the work," said i ri Ha.

According to Ha, when the growth of Tulip flower pots, students are assigned to sell their own flowers and bring money to charity. Near 5 million VND / class; The first money he had won, but only then shared with those children, realized something that the simple results are not.

A lot of creativity teaching equipment

Tran Thi Dung, a teacher at Dong Da High School (Hanoi), is also one of the highly recommended teachers of Hanoi Education and Training for his innovative teaching.

As a physician teacher, as well as the hours she is taught in the classroom, she & she; Different equipment, learning and learning for students. Especially such as: Testing equipment to investigate the impact of force distribution; Laboratory of light revival between air, glass; Microsoft Excel Excel Automatic Test Data Processing Software. Equipment developed by Ms. Dung is used in teaching at school. The software technology tool used to design a "online" online learning module to help online connectivity and its; share learning outcomes among student groups during school hours.

She said, as well as teaching class, she spent her & her; Most of the time to study, research. For several nights, when she was asleep, she rose, turned on the reading light, learning 2m to go to bed. Every finite project, it was a bigger feeling to go to # 39; going to school, he stood before the students and sent to the children.

Empir, from 2015 to date, has launched the "Invent Inventors" initiative to encourage creativity for students. She and the school's teachers are incredibly amazing because students have created many materials that are very active in learning and life after a while. For example, "electric generator; wind power generators; Frequency saving …". In particular, the "Vacuum Cleaner Auto" product will be displayed in the showroom at the Information Technology Festival.

In addition, Dung has learned and embed many new innovations in teaching. In your opinion, use mental maps to solve real problems in secondary Physics. Thanks to her research and ongoing efforts, she has published five science papers in prestigious national and international magazines.

She got twice Meet Vietnam for academic achievement and scientific research; 2 wins Toshiba Awards This is for PhD students with great performances. She is also a teacher who has won the third competition of good teacher teaching.

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There are incentives for a student of tuition, which does not mean equivalent results

The Ministry of Education and Training provides remedies for teaching student tuition fees, rather than favorable scholarship policies, credit prioritization. This recommendation has a great deal of support, but many experts still say: the option that does not exist; Accompanying the same as an open source policy.

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The students who perform music concerts are grateful to teachers

In the air all over the country he goes to November 20 – Vietnam Tutorial Day with many inspiring activities to support all student teachers, block 12 of the school Olympia has a drama and emotional show organized as a great thank you to over 200 teachers and staff who have helped and assist them. Helping children for 12 years of age.

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Da Nang gave to Duy Tan university scientists in 2018

Recognizing efforts in local science research work, the Da Nang People's Committee held a service to reward people with special performances in science and technology activities in 2018 in the morning. 10/11. Of the 113 ISI articles selected for this event, 60 ISI articles pertain to Duy Tan University scientists.

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Scholarships change life

On 1 September 2010, Tien Phong's newspaper published "Two college students who were unable to go to school" about the situation of three poor students in Quang Nam, Includes a story about Nguyen Thanh Nhan (town of Lieu) Three, Binh Nguyen Commune, Thang Binh District, Quang Nam District. A few days after the announcement, Human Surprise gained a study of "emergency" by the Vietnam National Gas and Gas Company. From newspaper, after eight years, there has been many changes to an orphan, poor boy.

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MP: Education reform is not about finding new ones

Speaking of the law on a revised education on November 15, a member of the National Assembly, Cao Dinh Thuong (Phu Tho) said that innovation is not always at all; looking for new things, but sometimes back to the old ones. The logo is also innovative.

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