Teammate for Berbatov: An odd sort, first of the weakest


The Egyptian strike Ahmed Mido He gave an amazing interview where he talked about the struggle for Dimitar Berbatov's place.

They were together for one season in Tottenham, Berbatov's first year at her; club.

Then the Bulgarian came with great expectations. Ahmed Medo's rent from Rome passed, and although he had a strong season, the Spurs had not re-entered his contract.

"I wanted to live in Tottenham, but the Berbatov team bought.

In the first three games, however, b & # 39; He was the weakest man on his piece. There was nothing to happen to him. After the three games, Martin Jol gave me and said he made a mistake.

This is Berbatov than I expected, come back.

I came back and started a title in the next game against Manchester United, Berbatov was a backup.

Martin Jol suggested that the Bulgarian would never go to England, but suddenly something was changed. He started playing as Cruyff. He was a fascinating player, completely different.

Finally, I won the title, I can not address it. The things he did was weird. His first hand and how the attacks ended as if they were from another planet.

Despite this he was a weird person. He came to his base and took a knife and a nut from home. He did not use those in the dining room.

He came with coat and long leather shoes, spent a great time in front of the mirror, and he hated him.

He was also a photographer. He went out to take pictures, there was a lot of roomn, "said Mido.

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