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Péter Pavló

After the facts and information over the past few months, Samsung was removed with his / her. latest cell phone, Galaxy S10 and its different versions on Wednesday night in London. There will be 1.5 TB of storage at the fastest turning and 12 GB of RAM and the first 5G mobile phone will be introduced.

Over the last few years, Samsung seemed to look for the right time to present the current mobile motion. During 2017 the Galaxy S8 was launched at the event in March, Galaxy S9 was completed at the end of March. February in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year, the formula will change again, sure to get its & # 39; as much advantage as possible to its & # 39; The main move in the competition, in this case Huawei.

This is why the South Korea company launched this year's Galaxy S10 and the various versions again at this year's event. The event was progressed even more than in 2018, a week ago. The handsets were introduced to Samsung on 20 February early in the evening with London. These are the S10 smartphones that have been destroyed in the last few months / months, with some interest: the Galaxy S10, S10 +, and S10E also featured its & # 39; first mobile capable of 5G.

The difference is not very clear

As we have seen before, the display almost completely does not contain the face of the machine. The sensor island has disappeared, instead of Infinity O technology, which first appeared in the Galaxy A8 of December 2018, or the better phones named.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


At the start of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E disease, there are two options on the screen while & # 39; There are two Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 5G options. But this must be carefully monitored, as the mobile phones are so simple and easy to mix. For example, a foreign journalist and a photo gallery of the three devices was long-standing for a long time, and it was a Galaxy S10 + and two Galaxy S10E.

From left to right: Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E


If we want to find out what mobile phone we hold in, we can, by course, look at our & # 39; Much – we need to look at the number of pesticides that have been restored. Galaxy S10E has two "just" cameras, three on S10 and S10 + and four on S10 5G.

Truth, and camera

And when it comes to cameras, the Galaxy S10E sensor is 12-megapixel wide with Dual Pixel technology behind the f1.5-2.4 open-up camera, coupled with an overwhelming healthy open-up optic, 16 megapixel . Delivered by Dual Pixel technology, the original piece also features 10 megapixels and f1.9.

The Galaxy S10 Galaxy (or, if you like, the "normal" S10, and the Galaxy S10 +, with a 12 megapixel TV lens with f2.4. On the face of the Galaxy S10 and the S10 +, find We also have the same cameras with the S10E, as long as the second person is aware of opening 8 megapixel f / 2.2.

Galaxy S10 5G has a small number of developers compared to this. On the left side of the three optics above, a fourth related to a hQVGA 3D text sensor, while a HQVGA awareness was at his & # 39; front panel with Dual Pixel technology with 10 megapixel and f1.9 opening.

The size of its property is

It is the other factor that can be used to verify what mobile phone we are holding is that; increase. a & # 39;

  • S10E is 5.8 inches, that is
  • S10 is 6.1 inches, that is
  • S10 + 6.4 inches long
  • S10 5G is 6.7 inches

except for the S10E, with HD HD + AMOLED screens, AMOLED has QHD + resolution. However, it is much more important than the numbers that seem to be a very good decision to make mobile phones with smaller displays, compared to motions. Based on our first spot test, the S10E and S10 were very useful.

From left to right: Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E


1.5 TB, can you stay?

All (all) phones are made up of 8-core editors, 8-nm, in which the version with Exynos can be purchased in Hungary. For the time, appraisal values ​​have not been shown by developers, so we do not know how the device will be compared to Huawei or iPhone.

Fortunately, Samsung had the full memory process. a & # 39;

  • Made with S10E with 6 and 8 GB of RAM, that is
  • 8 GB of RAM from S10, no
  • From S10 + 8 to 12 GB RAM, is it
  • 8GB of RAM from S10 5G

draft set. In addition, there is a storage space of different sizes connected. Convert 128 and 256 GB of the S10E, 128 and 512 GB for the S10, and 1 TB for the 128 and 512 GB versions of the S10 +. How each machine can be updated with a 512GB microSD card (plus), the S10 + with 12GB of RAM is available with 1.5 TB of storage space. Compared to this, the S10 is capable of 5G giving "just" 256GB of resources, and it can not be extended.

Let me spend it

The size of the batteries will be expanded by the tools, so it is

  • In S10E there are 3100 mAh, that is
  • In S10 there are 3400 mAh, that is
  • In S10 + there are 4100 mAh, that is
  • And in S10 5G it is 4500 mAh

we get a package. The Fast Charging Wireless 2.0 level will ensure fast wire charges for mobile phones, and other device tools can also be sent voluntarily. The Super Fast Fees level is also included in the S10 5G, which allows 25W to cost through cable.

Followers have been given good news that the ultrasonic microscopic reader, which was launched last year at a competitive, and received S10, S10 + and S10E at the mobile phone , finally designed on & # 39; the end. model.

But what does it cost?

The advance order for the tools is available from the 20th February, and the storage will be delivered on 8th March. In terms of the prices of Hungary, it is still known that a

  • Galaxy S10 for 309 990 HUF a
  • Galaxy S10 + 344 990 Forints, a
  • Galaxy S10E costs 257,990 forints

come. In a S10E case, we can choose black prism, black prism, green and green prism, white prism, prismag black and prism green for S10, and the S10 + is available in black ceramics.

If you want to find out similarities at other times, check out the HVG Tech section of the Facebook page.

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