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The new Oppo Pro R17 Pro client phone is a bit of something. Shooting some of the latest tools in the & # 39; business, such as accessible gold detectors and a very fast-looking feature.

But his superintendent has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 team that is high enough. runs between the basic Snapdragon 845 and the Snapdragon middle range 670.

Other typical classic phone features – a fee for waking and water protection – are also left in the R17 Pro.

The $ 999 that wants 8GB of memory and 128GB of internal resources (without support for extending storage) also reduces between mobile phone and mobile phone phones.

A variety of unusual species may be aware that Oppo is a property owned by BBK Electronics, who is also responsible for the Vivo and OnePlus motto. Oppo may probably focus on a special mix of features that would not be displayed; compete with their sibling motto.

In any case, BBK does not want to re-use designs because the R17 Pro is a dead clutch for OnePlus 6T that I had recently reviewed.

The two smart phones have an equal design with a vibrant Oled 6.4-inch screen.

It is also apparent that the screen is teardrop shaped for its face camera. This design helps R17 Pro a & # 39; Achieving one of the best (around 86 per cent) market scratch ratio in the market.

But their glass is a different dance. The R17 Pro has a competitive collision finish, which is now clever.

This impact is stormy – my review of Emerald Green is a appears as if bracelet bracelets were trapped in his glass.

The only thing that looks like is the colorful color of purple and blue color, which looks like it; reminiscent of the Huawei P20 Pro, but with enough lock rather than glossy.


  • Price: $ 999

    Process: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 (2.2GHz dual, 1.xGHz hexa-core)

    Display: 6.4-inch, sedimentary, 2,340 x 1,080 pixels, pixel density 402 ppi

    Operating system: ColorOS 5.2 (Android 8.1)

    Memory: 128GB, 8GB RAM

    Back camera: 12MP (f / 1.5 no f / 2.4), 20MP (f / 2.6) and 3-D aircraft

    Front camera: 25MP (f / 2.0)

    Battery: Two 1,850mAhhouses that can not be removed


  • Features: 4/5

    Design: 4/5

    Performance: 4/5

    Value for money: 3/5

    Battery life: 4/5

    Overall: 4/5

R17 Pro is the position of a financial surge. In just ten minutes of cutting, the battery signal jumped from 32 to 69 per cent. He gave ten minutes more to 96 per cent. It's almost a bit about 30 minutes to pay the R17 Pro completely. At this distance, I do not lament the security of wire.

Apparently, its high-rise rise is due to double battery design. The capture is that you only get this fast speed for fun with its limited charger, which will give more power than the normal car. With a normal charger, an R17 Pro battery was just 50 per cent after an hour.

His two batteries have a capacity of 3,700 mAh. The phone will last about 12 hours in a bidding test, which is the same balloon as OnePlus 6T.

The R17 Pro is an indoor display sensor. An illumination cycle indicates where you should put your finger on the Oled screen to open the phone. However, R17 Pro's fingerprinting sensibility is slightly slower and more precise than the OnePlus 6T.

As a result, I used to really use the word recognition feature to lock the R17 Pro. But it does not work in the dark because the camera section that is essential of friends does not face it.

However, the Live mode of the camera faces its & # 39; offers many ways to make you better, and include options for broadcasting your nose and making your eyes bigger.

With her "Seize the Night" leaflet, Oppo is obviously confident about R17 Pro nightclubs.

Its main 12-megapixel main camera features a dual opening, such as Samsung's most important phones, moving automatically between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 settings, depending on the environment. The low aperture position allows more light and should be photographed in poor light.

In my exams, the R17 Pro makes images that can be used in a low light that is better than its; most smartphones. But the bar has been taken since Google published Night Night on this month.

The difference between both day and night is – R17 Pro night scenes look deeper than those with Pixel 3 with Night Sight mode. Previously the previous images also have a & # 39; show more noise.

In well-illuminated situations, the R17 Pro provides hard and balanced images that fit up to what is taken by mainstream models.

His Portrait mode works well with most of the time, with a back-up camera. But there were cases where the camera was OK enough on the edge of its length while & # 39; i was trying to & # 39; back to be damaged for the bokeh effect.

In addition to the two back camera, the R17 Pro has a time-of-the-art camera that is used to store 3-D images and to be a support range. But I can not prove it because the feature is not ready until the next month with a software update.

Oppo says that a larger fact failure measurement device is one of the first practices in the & # 39; This camera can approximate the distance in the world, which is similar to the MeasureKit app for Apple iOS devices.

Like many Chinese smartphones, the ColorOS skin on the R17 Pro has impacted on iOS Apple. It's a bit disappointing that it is still using Android 8.1 and not the latest Android 9.0 as OnePlus 6T.

ColorOS is a useful Sidebar Smart with current removals to apps and other devices that are swipe accessible from the edge of the screen, even when you use another app in a full screen mode.

Terminology: The R17 Pro is to stand out with the amazing feature that is in place; rapid reduction, although the other medium-generated media device is not as simple.

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