Technical breakdown: and now? – 10/10/2018


Guillermo is still left, but in Boca they have now moved a move. The leaders of the second line, near a small board, had a & # 39; communication with coach situation. Although the team returned from Madrid, there was a description of the CD about the location of technicians, which is not too much. He does not want to go beyond Barros Schelotto, because everything goes on; mean that it does not follow it. If I was even getting a & # 39; A coup comes, due to logical wear of almost three years, now due to the defeat of the River, it seems unlikely to return.

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Angelici is beginning to & # 39; Last year's travel of his second term and placed the second place in the Libertadores. Missing the schoolmaster, who won the Seventh, put a rod together with a budget never seen before in the club. And with him, the Guillermo race, who is a two-time programmer, after reaching a half-cup and another. The beat on Sunday was very hard. That's why the Tano, who will have any future Libertadores (whose order ended in December 2019), failed, and the rebuild must be already.

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Technology of a prize, which was pronounced already when Arruabarrena came. Mohamed is the Angelician taste. And it's free after a short stage in Celta de Vigo.

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The road may be covered to the president if Jorge Almirón did not; repairs in San Lorenzo. When he was already leaving Melli, the DT finalized a Cup with Lanus to be elected. Even Mauricio Macri had been praised, and he was Angelici's wish; there. By going out, the search is & # 39; fall to the other side …

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Some of the coaches that appear with work and others are not. One of them Antonio Mohamed, who wants the context of those who would look better than standing and with more back. For the 15 years of experience, for South America with the Red, for the titles with the Tijuana, the Monterrey and even the Americas, of the largest teams in Mexico. But also want to play in the Boca and even for some of her; Words on this background (in # 98 before playing River in the Monumental, warn him to use blue and yellow geese). The Turk in Argentina, he refused a number of offers, he is waiting and he's feeling like that.

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Macri wanted him in 2005 when Coco Basile finally arrived. Alfaro has been revived after the retirement of his career and is in a good time in Hurran. Is this this time?

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Sampaoli is the other without a team, but his news would be abroad. Especially after the World Cup. "Boca is worse than the National Team", they think about their environment. Another Alfaro-familiar Macri wanted in 2005, but Maradona – a consultant – asked Basile. Leukas is a good time in Hurran, although there is still a contract and his spirit is not a breach. Neither is Heinze, who re-designed Vélez with a project, which is six months longer and does not leave his release on a half-way. And less after the dispute for Zarate … Beccacece is also featured in the same line Despite that, according to its & # 39; This newspaper said to him that "getting out of Defense would be a bit more simple".

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Almost force majeure, Palermo appears as an option but at this time in Boca they do not want more kidney technicians after Arruabarrena and Guillermo, and they also have no good sources from Loco. That does not prevent re-accomplishment, if, in fact, Schiavi (DT the Reserve) was a helper in Arsenal and that data is in a position; going up.

Angelici starts with cards on her; board and the decision is already. To get back from the beat.

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One of the young coaches that attracts the leadership. National Championship by Argentines and a good campaign in Vélez, where he has a contract.

It's beautiful to pull out. Detecting from Protection may be a bit less; Easily, although the second time he left (is the first one with the National Team).

After two experiences with previous players such as Vasco and Melli, this is not the trip. They also do not have good sources from Palermo as DT.

Sampaoli was a candidate before Guille. Now, having had a bad problem in the World Cup, he lost land. And he would not be willing to pay more than the National Team.

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