Technological giants who lose $ 720 billion in stock in almost two months


For many months, the largest US stock market caps occupy the top five technologies, but the move is changing.

The bicycle change will start in Wall Street where the closest space span began in history: technology division.

The largest companies in Silicon Valley, led by Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix, have been the architects of unprecedented growth in US markets, which have risen to largely from March 2009.

The strength of technology, their strong growth rate, high money and the ability to diversify them to give them the best of investors, including the highest occupations among the most valuable companies and the traditional non-sectors such as business or finance.

For many months, the top five occupations are among the units with most of the US market markets covered by technology, but the move begins to change. Reservoirs are suspicious of the department's leading capabilities, which attract their main companies and, market, with the strong emphasis on technology standing for Wall Street.

Since October 1, when there was a suspicion, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix have a collective loss of stock market value. US $ 722,000 million. The number exceeds one billion trillion compared to the highest recorded between August and September.

Apple will focus on its & # 39; Most of the horror of the deceased Market Company last September has been the best history, but it was very aware of the income that was expected in & # 39; Fourth, at the moment, in the theory of the highest tastes that are; affecting the holiday season. At that time, many of the suppliers dropped the estimate of the results before their orders collapsed with their main contractor. Then Alarms had a & # 39; The iPhone is circulated, and the acceleration begins as a truth; Proof for Apple in the future, which is still responsible for 60% of its famous phones, despite the attempt to grow in the services market.

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