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Zeng Bosheng, a global tax service dealer of Qicheng United Public Accountants, said "corporate", "automated" corporate taxes will be in the next three to five years, The six main sources of "data", "security", "analyzed conclusions" and "banking technology" have come to an end.

1. Coordination. Most of the information obtained by the taxation work will provide information that is deducted from the data level financial system or data center that is in place; apply to taxes and comply with "tax status form".

Secondly, self-reliants, more enterprise companies can use more automotive enterprise and technology to prepare tax calculations, such as income taxes and indirect taxes, to replace pages of spreads and / or traditional calculations .

3. Information: The data center is specific to taxes as a mainstream. There are three main ways of building: development within the enterprise, buying third-party sales software, and collaborative delivery of the company.

4. Security: With a view to the disclosure of confidential or confidential divisions on confidential information, data security is a daily basis for tax authorities.

V. Detailed analysis and decision-making: Tax officers use more detailed analysis tools to help with decision-making processes in tax-related issues, such as risk monitoring, identification of identity, pre-reporting and planning programs.

Sixth, riot technology: ERF scot system, machine learning, self-transport technology and AI and other technologies affecting its & business.

Zeng Bosheng said that if Taiwanese companies are seeking effective tax guidance, they need to think about how to use new technology to bring forward the efficiency of tax information, improve the integrity of complex tax descriptions, and make ensure consistency of information that appears to & # 39; group in each country. Investigate fee and agency risk and an early warning device to charge tax management policies; The organization.

Zeng Bosheng said that the Tax Management and Analysis Strategy (TRS) is a tax management system that best suits tax management through a range of technology technologies, including Swift toolkit solutions, automatic information technology, data analysis technology, technology management platform, etc. New technology can effectively solve the problems facing taxation.

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