Teenagers die from carrying their eggs from the talons in the brain


Drs. The story of Nesshanth Dev and S. Zafar Abbas of the ESIC College College and Hospital in Faridabad stated that the patient, who appeared in the ERT eye-eye on his right, had a hold on clonic-clonic seizures. He used to be known as the “grand mal” seizures, and these anxiety problems cause tired muscles and loss of consciousness.

His parents said their son had been feeling pain in his right garden for a week. A physical examination showed that there was confusion and loss in the correct test.

In order to find out more about his condition, the medical staff conducted an MRI examination and found damage by a lever in cerebral cortex (a banner outside the brain branch) as well as a gas stem. brain, including the cerebellum, at the back of the upper back of the spine.

Devastation: neurocysticercosis, a parasitic disease of the brain caused by someone swallowing up a rabbit which has passed away in the gesture of someone with a thin bowel pot. The larvae crawl out of the eggs and into muscle bones and brains, where they make cyst.

The doctors also learned masts in the right eye and the right eye for the patient.

As a result of his figures and circumstances, his doctors decided not to cure the young with antidepressant medicine. These can have a negative impact on brain swelling and inflammation, and loss of vision. Instead, the patient received a non-linear drug, dexamethasone, and antiepileptic treatments.

Two weeks after he came to the ER, the patient died, Dev and Abbas report.

Maybe parasites could be hiding in your sleep, doctors are warning
Cysticercosis diseases are occurring worldwide, although these parasitic attacks on the body occur in rural areas of developing countries where traveling pigs are permitted and poor hygiene practices exist. according to the US control Centers for the prevention and prevention of disease. Although these diseases may be rare amongst people living in countries where pigs have no contact with human activity, cysticercosis is found anywhere in the world, including those in humans. United States and other countries in the west.

There will be markers on the location of the symbols; sometimes, he lumps under the skin, and sometimes it is the only sign that happens in the brain. Symptoms can occur in months or even a year after a disease, usually when the crests begin to die, causing the underlying bone.

Generally, these diseases require drugs to be brought against a parasite along with medication, but it may be necessary to have an operation if a patient does not respond or comes up with the brain. Marks may require care even if the paralytic disease itself does not require further attention or treatment.

Patients with cysticercosis cannot spread the disease to others; the eggs that might be at risk are only spread by people with diseases in pine in the glass, when a proper glass has been scored out or escaped.

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