Teenagers killed at home with Michael Wekerle remembered as an angel with a boy;


Tyler Swartz is remembered as a responsible and responsive teenager who has been loyal for charitable work for years.

Swartz, 18, was found dead on December 27 by Caledon OPP at the home of the previous ones Dragon's Den star and business, Michael Wekerle.

The day after their killings, the OPP vehicle blocked the road to the cover house, just outside the Cheltenham community.
The day after their killings, the OPP vehicle blocked the road to the cover house, just outside the Cheltenham community. (TheKaren Martin-Robbins / / Metroland)

Jonathan Weir is responsible for the first step murder in the death of Swartz. Some, 20, will appear again at Orangeville court on January 21st.

A court release ban is located on the case.

On December 28, OPP SUV blocked the road to the house, just outside the Cheltenham community. There was also a CTV van across the street from the building.

According to documents issued by the Caledonian Initiative, Wekerle has been named as having the 80-hectare building on King King, east of Mississauga Road, where Caledon OPP was on the scene.

The building has been renowned for its annual event for its charity, Wekfest, with activities such as Snoop Dogg and Sloan.

Swartz had a high school attendance at Blyth Academy at the Thornhill area, to 2017.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he was going to Sheridan College to become a plumber.

He was also a good behaviour and hoped that one day would open a waterproof water business.

His part-time work by Jacob and Deli – was repeated over Christmas holidays.

Since he was 8 years old, he went once a week to volunteer with his oldest brother with the Circle Friendship, a group for children with special needs.

Esther Grossbaum, program co-ordinator, in 2017, Swartz received the longest term of City of Thornhill volunteer award for his service.

"He was a responsible person," said Grossbaum. "Baby angel."

The Relationship Ring brings together teenagers with special needs of young people either at home visits or at the center's two hour program.

Swartz made a good help to their specialists, Grossbaum said. For the last few years, he worked with one young person in particular.

"This is a challenging client," Grossbaum explained. "(Swartz) he did a great deal."

When Swartz disappeared to go to college, the client can not find the other suitable voluntary search for the client.

Family and private friends held a funeral for teenagers on 31 December at the Steeles Memorial Chapel.

A respondent responded to the phone at the Swartz family house, "We do not want to give an opinion."

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