Tele2 makes the largest investment in the last ten years / Last day


The money that is being invested is to update the main network, 5G implementation, 80 new basic stations and additional capacity at the basic stations; already. Designed investments are the largest in the past ten years.

2018 Tele2 reaching a merchandise of EUR 126 million, which is 5% higher than in 2017. In the last year, its & The company also has the highest levels of performance in which; business (36.7%), which represents a good business business.

"Improving the efficiency of our jobs, development initiatives and misleading investments has contributed to the growth of our business performance. We have created attractive and profitable offers for our customers, and continue to use them consumer movements and mobile phones, which also allowed customers to maintain a high level of commitment for years to be more efficient in attracting users from other operators, Tele2 Chairman of the Board of Valdis Vancovičs.

Last year's sales have been strengthened last year with the number of mobile phones sold, a variety of truck tools and machinery – more than 10% have changed.

Although 2019 will be marked by the first steps in the 5G world, Tele2 It will take direct attention to increasing the capacity of the existing 4G network.

"The development of a 5G network is important for the future in the development of new technologies and business solutions. We deliver many of the company's financial and operational resources. At the same time, we recognize that the 4G network development is still important, the technology is far from being cleaned, "it's important to make this network in different locations in Latvia," which emphasizes V.Vancovičs. "That's why we're going to & # 39; making the largest investment of around 20 20 million in the last ten years to improve our capacity of the 4G station station and to; using new ones in areas of Latvia with lower internet distance, as well as large cities where network traffic is particularly high. "

It has already been reported last year, which won the ruler of the regulator and his / her; get the 100mz current usage rights required for full implementation of 5G, Tele2 win the best position among the workers so that their first 5G network customers can pass.

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