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The Government telecommunications bill, if done without major changes, will have a "disastrous" impact on the ICT section, and # 39; destroying the incentives that led to almost universal mobile broadcasting in South Africa.

That is in line with MTN, who has submitted submissions on an Electronic Communications Change Bill in advance of parliamentary hearings on this Thursday issue.

Vodacom, in his application (see article), a call on the government not to & # 39; broke the bill through the parliament, saying "it should stop and carefully consider the impact of its bill for the department and users".

In his application, MTN leaflets will require the government's policy on a structural competition and explain the "proposal" to open open access, based on Cost on a competitive market "as" worrying and irregular ". He said that "a disastrous effect on his model will deliver a R100 billion plus investment in the last ten years."

"It will eliminate the incentives that deliver over 98% of 3G coverage, 4G network all over the world (currently at a 90% broadcast, despite the LTE spectrum being released. out) and to become a growing state, thus disturbing 5 South African revenue. "

The hard bids suggest that both Vodacom and MTN are both; run out of options to review the draft legislation and are now preparing to face government leadership over policy changes, they really believe a & # 39; damaging its business.

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"Why MTN (or any other network player) would be hosting in a fixed and mobile network when it gets access to the Telkom no Vodacom network that is now in. cost? " MTN stated that it was submitted.

"Then, why would Telkom and Vodacom store in network expansion and innovation if they do not get a competitive advantage, just results out of MTN (and suppliers) other service)? "

MTN said that there would be such a "inconvenient" proposal in any other business. It was like to have airlines offering seats for their competitors at a cost. "Which airports would be invested in planes at that bottom?"

It would be like asking car manufacturers to build cars for opponents at no cost. "What equipment managers would ever have to invest in a factory in South Africa again?" MTN asked.

The bill is uninhabited, he said. It will restrict a property contract to & # 39; constitution, which fails to meet the rationality requirement given by section 1 (c) and section 22, and is "informal unclear".

He warned that he had left a network competition due to a service service cost "there is no international pre-word in telecommunications".

"Despite a long policy debate, the cost / benefit of this seismic movement has not been evaluated, and MTN's concerns have been consistently provided."

He also warned that the government plan for creating an open open network is open, or Woan, "internationally unexpected" and "reducing network competition" risks.

"Afghanistan can resign his position to a general, low-level network (Woan)," said MTN. "Although MTN supports a multi-level mode model (where commercial and Woan businesses are), a policy that extends a spectrum discharge link to hazard licensing Woan's lawsuit prevents the range of spectrum required for South Africa. "

He said that the interface administrator of iPod should have a unique spectrum for the Woan and expanded an active commercial spectrum.

"These issues are so complex because they are crucial in the economic future of South Africa. MTN suggests that they are debated in a sensitive manner, not timetable which is proposed motion. There is a lot of risk in trying to underestimated and unfit for departmental and engine growth. "

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