Telenor will launch subscriptions with “goodies” included


This has not only been the result of moving Telenor subscriptions because of trends here at, with double prices in some cases that competitors should not have. .

Anyway, Telenor is trying to improve the money you get to improve your money, by introducing "Yng Goodies".

This is a set of 12 different benefits that taxpayers (between 18 to 28 year olds) could choose, with different numbers included depending on how they qualify. data they have in their subscription.

Good luck might be worth spending some

The value of gifts you can choose to change can change, but some can be quite valuable if you have a customary pattern. One of the things that can be chosen, for example, is “Roam in the World”, which provides 5 months information a month for use in some of the holiday countries that visit it. T outside the EU, including the USA, Thailand and Australia.

3 GB of additional data on Telenor calls using Point 1 normally costs $ 299, and is only valid for one week, so if you travel frequently, can do so to be very valuable.

In addition, customers may, among other things, choose an emergency fluctuation agreement with a glass container that may change at any time to a new one and put it up in Telenor sources, to 2 t GB of additional data rather than a month or access to VG +.

Here are all the opportunities:

All goodie Telenor changes. Photo: Telenor

There are four good things

No clothing is included in the most expensive subscription (4 GB to 299 NOK per month), but more than that, the number looks like this:

  • 6 GB to 349 kerer per month + 1 goodie (the most prolific competitor as Chile and Telipol, 6 GB should have 279 kroner)
  • 8 GB to 399 kerer per month + 2 goodies (Youteam to 339 kroner)
  • 12 GB to 449 kerer per month + 3 goodies (Chili to 349 kroner)
  • 15 GB to 499 kerer per month + 3 goodies (Chili 25 GB to 399 kroner)
  • 30 GB to 599 kerer per month + 4 goodies (Free data to 499 kroner)

So Telenor Ann's allowances are still more expensive than the competition, but goodie offers to do whether the offer is much better than before.

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