Television: Hassam Caracol's controversial cause


Tell him the same humorist in an interview. Hassam left Caracol's controversial cause.

He did it in an interview for TVyNovelas. And something that gave him a blessing, was to interview in Suso Exhibition about the second part Agent ñero ñero 7, for a date where this film would not be more in theater.

"The cinema in Colombia will move according to its originality. The first and second weekends are essential in the output of their office office (. ..) but someone from Caracol agreed to suspend the broadcast for another two weeks, "said Hassam.

Hassam left Caracol's controversial cause

He said: "The funny thing is that Caracol Canal was a member of it Agent ñero ñero 7, participating in production and advertising. These conclusions look more personalized than an activity or trade. At that time I could not do it further and I decided that I should complete my partnership Saturday Saturday"

This is not the first time the actor had a & # 39; He describes how he went off the channel and Saturday Saturday.

A long time ago he published a trill on Twitter where he asked his pleasure as a result of the way in which the program edited his customs.

"I'm sorry to get out Saturday Saturday, my companions, listeners, & # 39; joining together with audience reading that described the customs, but remembering & # 39; I have prepared the content so easy and that it has spent me, "wrote Hassam.


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