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November 26, 2018 • Mobile phones and Telecoms

Mobile phones are not lower than Wi-Fi monitoring statements

Mobile phones are not lower than Wi-Fi monitoring statements

5G will accelerate the advantages of mobile technology due to the speed of mobile innovation and dependency Wifi network experiences on the use of a fast-running and slow-running network broadband for renewable fiber with a & # 39; recommendation (FTTP).

It has been a long idea that a Wifi business is better than mobile networks in every way. As a result, since the earliest iPhone and Android mobile phones, around ten years ago, smartphones have regularly jumped to the nearest Wi-Fi connection and use it 2G, 3G or 4G mobile phone networks for data.

OpenSignal, the mobile analysis company, has recently researched that mobile devices are less than Wi-Fi in all
attention and changing business needs to change a number of planning decisions as a result.

In 33 countries, nowleep telephones now get quicker speed faster than downloads; Using a mobile network than using Wi-Fi in accordance with OpenSignal mobile surveys.

The range of countries that appear to be faster than richest countries such as Australia, where the use of mobile phones was greater with the speed of 13Mbps tv phone tellers higher on the Wi-Fi mobile phone and France ( + 2.5Mbps) to markets across all continents, for example: Qatar (+ 11.Mbps); Turkey (+ 7.3Mbps); Mexico (+ 1.5Mbps) and South Africa (+ 5.7Mbps).

In three high-quality areas – Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA – the mobile message will trigger the global world and greatly expand it; Wide-to-download downloadable Wi-Fi with slower mobile experience of -38.6Mbps, -34Mbps and -25Mbps separately.

The smart smart phones that are connected to Wi-Fi have no interconnection with users who get Wi-Fi speed faster compared to those on mobile phones, as smartphone phones have a ; Connect automatically to known Internet networks without including speed as the beginning of their decision.

Ten years ago, Wi-Fi was faster than mobile almost every time, it was cheaper and had much more capacity.

As 5G comes, the moving industry needs to change a number of design decisions. Users of mobile phones and smartphone makers need to re-evaluate their Wi-Fi strategies, especially for mobile protection, mobile network selection and internal cover, to ensure that They are smartphone phones to a Wi-Fi network that offers worse experience than their mobile phone network.

Prepared by Fundisiwe Maseko
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