Television stream may not be as simple or cheaper as it is now


Television streaming can not be as simple, or as precious as it is now.

Disney and WarnerMedia have launched their own boosting services in 2019 as a challenge to Netflix's leadership. Netflix spectators are now unable to see striking movies Black Panther no Moana, who is currently living on the Disney subscription service. WarnerMedia, a unit of AT & T, will have a short time to raise its library of films and showcase an HBO series.

Families will have a decision between paying more than a month or more; Loss of access to some of the drama, comedy, music and favorite flicks.

"Indeed there is a lot of change," said Paul Verna at eMarketer, a digital research company. "There will be more choices on what is running, but at the same time the market is already spread and timid and it is no longer getting more."

Netflix spectators are now unable to see films such as Black Panther or Moana, who are currently living on the Disney subscription service. (Matt Kennedy / Marvel Studios-Disney through The Associated Press)

Media companies try to take advantage of their popularity and their likelihood. flowing. But by breaking her & # 39; market, they also offer the election once increasing internet based video promotion. Around 55 per cent of US families are now participating in burial video services, up from just 10 per cent in 2009, according to Deloitte's research company.

Just as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have put people to "cut off the rod" by doing it. removing traditional cable TV packages, the new services are trying to & # 39; closing those more inclusive options.

Disney Plus, WarnerMedia and others were launched

Disney Plus will be launched late next year with the new Marvel and Star Wars programs, along with the library of films and livelihoods and livelihoods. It has not yet been announced, but the President of Bob Bob Bob in August's announcement with auditors stated that it will be less than Netflix, which runs $ 8 to $ 14 a month per month, as the library less.

AT & T offers a three-row offer from WarnerMedia, with a slate of new and library based on the current HBO app. There is still no word for prices.

Separate channels, such as Fox, ESPN, CBS and Showtime are also included in the activity. The TDG research group expects each TV network to direct users to direct users in the next five years.

Netflix and others have made a huge investment in original films and TV programs to keep their customers loyal. Netflix, for example, said Wednesday was 45 million countless subscribers around the world watching the musician Sandra Bullock Bird box During the first seven days of the service, the success of the biggest week of any movie made for a 12-year burn service to & # 39; company.

Netflix said 45 million countless subscribers around the world watched Sandra Birdra Birdock's expert at her; The first seven days of the service, the success of the biggest week of any movie that has been made for a 12-year burnout service to a company. (Merrick Morton / Netflix through The Associated Press)

Viewers on this first week are & # 39; means that almost a third of 137 million Netflix supporters are watching the film from December 21 through December 27 – a holiday regiment when many people are not working and have more time to do, free.

But Netflix, Hulu and others can be able to do it; Soon without programs and films that are allowed by their competitors quickly. In December, Netflix paid £ 100 million which was reported to allow permission to continue Friends from WarnerMedia.

Data and dollar

Why are media companies trying to get in? Data and dollar. Certainly, they will get money when they are & # 39; They sold their programs to other services such as Netflix. But beginning their own service, networks and studios allow access to valuable data about who is in a position; hitting their exhibitions.

For services based on ads based options, this data means that there are more dollars from advertising. And services that are solely responsible for content content, media companies that use the data to better evaluate their contributions for individual flavors, help you to attract more supporters.

To complete a slate of programs, television watchpers may need to transcribe in a number of services instead of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. (Dan Goodman / The Associated Press)

"I think all media companies are coming into the truth that you are better to establish a direct relationship with your audiences," said AT & T CEO Randall Stephenson at an earlier analysis conference on his / her; this month.

The business model that some content companies and content companies are currently using, and & # 39; distributing their television and movie programs by allowing them to stream platforms, which get "aggressive breakdown" as more companies will have; launching their own services, Stephenson, who received its WarnerMedia company in June,

Forrester analyst, Jim Nail, compares its & # 39; This moment to "Cambrian's explosion", a historic era when a network and animal species grew rapidly after the Ice Age glaciers were extinct.

"Big messages like Disney must assess: do we reach this market by contenting our content to Netflix, Hulu and others?" he said. "No, can we go directly to the user with our own service?"

But many consumer services can easily banned or explain consumers. To complete a slate of programs, TB visitors may need to enter several services instead of just one or two.

Services related to becoming more common

These options include services such as Netflix and Hulu that offer a wide range of videos from different locations; "similar to cable" fault patterns "such as FuboTV, Sling and YouTube, which offer a variety of live addresses; and special channel or network services such as Disney Plus.

Consider just the AT & T plan for launching a three-way service this year based on HBO. Entrance level bundles mainly produce films; The second series will be a bit more expensive and includes more recent original films and films. There would be a third offer and still more expensive than more WarnerMedia entertainment Friends.

In December, Netflix paid US $ 100 million reported to keep friends from the TV sitcom from WarnerMedia. (Warner Bros./Canadian Press)

The cost of multi-fast flow services could cost the average cost of a cabbage bill – not to counting the cost of an internet service. That's about $ 107 per month, according to the Leichtman Research Group.

"One of the individual services does not appear to cost more than $ 10 a month," said Forrester's Nail. "What is really unnatural is the amount of depressing services that people are willing to record for."

"Cable-like" skin crops such as FuboTV, Sling and YouTube TV offer a variety of live addresses. (Reed Saxon / The Associated Press)

Companies already try to & # 39; This chaos is clarified by connecting many services together. Amazon Prime buyers can add add-ons to HBO, Showtime or Starz. Spectators Roku and Chromecast can access their different services from a medium center; Roku Wednesday said he'll start to & # 39; sells access to Showtime, Starz and other channels as well.

How should consumers deal with all future changes?

"Be patient," said Michael Greeson, president of the TDG research group. "We are in great time for a TV and video business. There are huge benefits, and question and outcome marks."

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