Telkom will beating campaigns to bring about dataset rules


Telkom has grown his first mobile activist in South Africa who has implemented the right-handed Java header user subscription service, which will management terminates the data.

This means Telkom's television television users are now in a position. transfer data to other users and spread over unused data

"Telkom customers can now transfer all data to Telkom's televised television users and enjoy expanded data rights," said the company in a Monday report.

Telkom has made sure that customers who have smaller bundle purchasers have a greater benefit from 25MB to 500MB

Earlier this month, Cell C and MTN they reached a town with Icasa which allowed them to implement the new rules until 28 February 2019.

Cell C introduced an urgent demand from a high court in Johannesburg against Jay, arguing that the date that Cassette had been issued, June 8, 2018, was too tight and would take six months at least. MTN South Africa went into the bid.

The rules, which deal with the completion of data and rules out of its & # 39; bundle, to protect consumers from high taxes. It was printed on 7 May, with operators sending one month.

In particular, the amended regulations state that operators need:

  • Provides data transfer to buyers, although Cassette is left to the companies to find out how long & should that recycling time be;
  • Use consumer alerts once and they have used 50%, 80% and 100% of their packages;
  • Make sure that external bundle data is explicitly determined – users should not be automatically obstructed to levels outside a bundle when they have their packages reduced;
  • Give a choice for non-used data to other network users.

Andrew Dawson, director of Telkom for mobile products and services, said his company had continued to " implementing the rules "despite management uncertainty" because it "believes that the right thing to do for the user and in accordance with the vision he has for his / her; data management case ".

"In implementing a customer service contract, Telkom has made sure that customers who have smaller bundle purchasers have a greater benefit from 25MB to 500MB. For six months at these customers, on pre-purchased packages, to buy their data. – (c) Media NewsCentral 2018

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