Tell doctors why there are bad ideas in healthy people


Медики рассказали, почему возникают галлюцинации у здоровых людей Reasons in words in healthy people a number.

Whenever everyone met in any other way of wisdom, and this is not always a sign of mental illness. Professor of clinical speech and psychology Institute of psychology and education Institute KFU, PhD Ph.D. Xenia Pyrkov why we are doing; dream, why sleep paralysis and earthquakes often make people.

Why do we see dreams?

According to the legendary folklorist of John Hobson, sleeping is a breakdown of signs and his; randomly attacked from the brainstep, excavated in stories. Sleep is based on the person's visual understanding and usually our memories. During sleep, you work the heart, the brain, the respiratory system and the eyes of the eye. That's why we say that our dreams come to us. People born first blind, also dreamed. But his dreams are not based on the picture, and the other three feelings (smell and talk). But if a blind person tells me my dream, you will find out that it is a bit different from your own.

According to psychologists, people often watch visual badges during sleep. These things can occur in the first phase of sleep, when the person fell asleep, and in the past, in the times before he was awakened. For example, you wake up and try to see that on the # 39; The throne is shaken into a cruel belly creature, but the other ends it shows that it's just sugar.

"Valentines during sleep – quite common, – says Ksenia Pyrkov. – However, there is a sleeping psychology, which shows mental health problems or the system's weird diseases". These include bed paralysis.

This is the person's situation when he woke up at night that was unable to move and experience the following senses: someone else's attendance in the room, anxiety, or fly over the bed. In such a situation a person may either be in the first instance of the night, when the body falls asleep or before it rises. According to Parkovoy, one case of sleep paralysis indicates a bad problem or human tiredness. But if the symptoms of sleep disorders appear systematically, it is a sign of serious problems with the strange system, which should be directed to an expert.

"In sleeping REM the brain increases activity. At the moment there is a rapid sunset, and human awareness shows images and images. In addition to its heart and The brain contains only the eyes and the respiratory system, and the rest of the muscles of the body is paralysis, the reasons for Xenia's sleep paralysis, woke up by sleep REM is actively moving the muscles actively. But the sleep disorder continues for a while and after it is awakened. This situation usually does not exceed more than a minute ".

Where are "insects" in healthy people?

Key stress and serious harassment. So, the phrase "all of the nerve problems" responds completely here. A strong emotional disturbance has a great impact on our brain; giving signs for coming out of words.

"Difficulties can struggle and feel with sleeping problems and affect the effects of sleep paralysis in healthy people," – says Ksenia Pyrkov.

Healthy people see deficiencies due to long-term or long-term shortage, poor alcohol and drugs. Increasingly, the young people will a quarrel complaint or a phone sound that is calling, which is not. Psychologists present these "glitches" to smartphones with the young people. The dependency on the phone is & # 39; Introducing to human awareness that it is a feeling like the device and that the body is one. So, do not forget to be relaxed and make sure you're not so scared!

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