Tell me the doctors what do we mean to have dinner late?


Врачи рассказали, к чему может привести поздний ужинLate dinner can cause cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Experts explained what is a dangerous day for the human body. It meant it could cause cardiovascular and diabetic causes because biological rhythms are broken.

The study was based on the results of medical examinations of 12.7 thousand people, aged 18 to 76. As a result, people who eat after 18:00 have a high degree of sugar and insulin in the blood. In addition, these topics would be likely to develop an adverse effect.

The head of the survey said that it describes biological rhythms due to unsuitable lifestyles.

This also continues to problems with metabolism in the & # 39; body and also increase the risk of sustained disease. By eating late, especially before bed, there is a risk of obesity and cancer development.

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