Telltale Games staff create their own studio!



Le: Sebastian Guadalupe (M.S) | 08-02-19

Four staff and designers Telltale Games have opened a new style of video game called Adhoc Games

When Telltale Games closed their doors in a bad state, hundreds of staff took several roads. Companies such as Gearbox or Sony Software indicate what jobs they were trying to complete, and # 39; offer previous employment opportunities of the Outer Hebrides members. A restaurant was set up in California with a number of developers inviting developers from an American company to find out where they were. Now, four of the old members of the TTG have opened their own video game studio.

Telltale Games

The four members of the Dwarf Games are:

  • Dennis Lenart, who was a creative leader of Telltale Games, who is now a Chief Technical Officer at Adhoc
  • Nick Herman, who was a creative director of TTG, is now the main Operating Officer at Adhoc
  • Pierre Shorette, documentary director of TTG, is now a leading Creative Officer at Adhoc
  • Michael Choung, formerly a TTG writer

Lenart, Herman and Shorette became part of Ubisoft after leaving the TTG to create the new studio mission. However, this never happened and the three decided to go to Choung to work on something four of them. On the other hand, Choung Telltale left in 2016 to work at the Studio School School, where he was part of the development of the prestigious Oxenfree. Michael Choung is Chief Executive of Adhoc, and is the research guide born as a simple conversation that happened during those developers' days in Telltale.

Telltale Games

In the interview that showed that there were Playing Games, Nick Herman said:

Trying to understand and allow something to be recommended by fifty people at the end of the day, many of the most impressive and most dangerous ideas are usually at the end of the day. die early for different purposes. We enjoyed the & # 39; If we are only four of us, we will be able to submit unnecessary water with more security.

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