Ten of the most elected Healthy lawyers in 2018


IUS-INFO legal portal concluded with the selection of ten most powerful Healthy lawyers in 2018.

According to the expert and general, this is characterized in alphabetical order:

– Miro Cerar,

– Klemen Jaklič,

– Vlasta Nussdorfer,

– Vasilka Sancin,

– Miha Sepec,

– Lucija Šikovec Ushaj,

– Dominika Švarc Pipan,

– Andraž Teršek,

– Yuri Toplak and

– Verica Trstenjak.


Five vacancies for 881 lawyers

For the first time, the same number of males and females was among the ten

The election of the year was the most powerful lawyer in the 18th century already and traditionally in two parts. Out of the 20 finalists, who were usually praised in the first part, among the most powerful lawyers, got the highest number of votes. This is a & # 39; The first time the number of lawyers and lawyers was ranked in the top ten. Men's representatives are the largest legal practitioner every year before.

Among the tenth, this year the largest number of doctors, including three doctors and five doctors, included. As reported by the IUS-INFO port, nearly one hundred recommendations or solicitor names were found in the first part of the election. In voting for 20 ready, more than 3400 voters also explained their choice, and identifying the virtues of the lawyers.

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The final event will be held on November 27th

It was the profession, penetration, priority, impartiality, judgment and ethos, public, and this year also cool and arguing. Given that many legitimate lawyers come from academic waters, their excellent work has been often focused on divisions.

Lexpera, port guide IUS-INFO, a & # 39; inviting solicitors to the awards service and the rounded record with the Reformation title of the Soviet Democratic and Law State, which will take place on November 27th. Matej Avbelj will be with her, who has been selected several times among the top ten solicitors.

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