Ten recommendations for the control of diabetes


1. Learn to have your diabetes.
The Diabetes Foundation, a Spanish civilian group, stresses the importance of the # 39; is the place of the tutor of diabetes and supporting the education of the person as an essential tool for making self-care easier, complying with metabolic treatment and control.

2. Change the power.
Food is a fundamental part of the control of diabetes and contributes to delays or the prevention of problems. It's like anyone: Make 3 to 5 shots according to personal features and a medicine (breakfast, mid-morning, food, food and dinner), and avoiding food with many charbohydrates or that are fast, because they build their / her; glucose. You can not talk about food types and numbers without also talking about the physical activity you are experiencing; do, the medications you give or whether you are suffering from other diseases such as cholesterol or adverse effects, so you need to be personalized.

3. Ensures enough irrigation.
There is a greater risk in people with diabetes to get drunken due to the high levels of blood glucose causing the habitats to try to eradicate it in the form of urine. This is why they are likely to be more thirsty when hyperglycaemia occurs. Water should be the basis for hydrating a person with diabetes. There are other drinks that help with natural or non-active zoo; sweets, soft "light" or "zero" soft drinks in place of sugar and so they do not increase blood glucose, sports drinks or splashing, but sometimes sometimes.

4. Use regularly.
The use of exercise practices prevents related problems: it is a & # 39; The development of blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular work. The physical and intensive nature should be appropriate to the age and physical condition of each person with diabetes.

5. Do glucose checks often and structuredly.
The analysis of blood glucose levels that the member or member of the family allows to identify blood glucose levels at any time and his / her; Find severe problems, hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (glucose rises). It is suggested that it will control between 5 and 6 a day, before they go; get food and sleep until they get information and change the insulin or medicine as appropriate. If you are exercising, it is recommended that you analyze before the start of the activity, there will be some additional measurement while & # 39; You will use long-term exercise, as well as once ready.

6. Work quickly against hypoglycaemia.
It is common for eating hypoglycaemia unhappy and with a loud voice. This means that carbon numbers are higher than the grams indicated, usually due to the revival or hyperglycaemia in the hours; there.

7. Avoid the problems of diabetes.
It is important that glucose levels continue to have blood at the best stage before and after food. In addition, blood pressure and cholesterol levels must be controlled.

8. Make astronomical reviews.
It is essential that people with diabetes carry out routine checks in particular the retina's situation to prevent any type of problem.

9. Keep on their feet.
People with diabetes can make changes in awareness and circulation. It is important that you check every day of the legs that prove to have been injured and regularly visit the podium.

10. Do not stop or alter its medication.
The medication is another man of the medicine post and this is the reason why it is essential to follow the instructions that are prescribed. Insulin is the basis of medicine in the treatment of type 1 diabetes, and various oral drugs and / or insulin in type 2 diabetes.

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