Ten things you can not stop with your Android as soon as you find them


Battle & smartphones & # 39; between iOS and Android. Many Apple phones prefer to be hidden, and Android is attractive to the different models and prices that its motto offers. But in addition, the green robot operating system does not have a useful tool.

Radar, memory cache, use & apps & # 39; … You need to be aware. So, we'll talk about a series of activities that enhance your own knowledge and we'll do not want to surrender to Apple products.

M. Mcloughlin

Changes to the operating system changed over the last few months. And while apps & # 39; to do the dirty work, there is still a black hole for a solution

YouTube: playing music gun app & # 39; open

Photograph: M. Mcloughlin
Photograph: M. Mcloughlin

How many people do not use their mobile phone to watch the video clips per minute, David Broncano interviews in Resistance & # 39; or the links that they share with them on WhatsApp. And for that, they need access to YouTube. However, there is a small problem: in principle, you can not play a video that plays in the long distance & # 39; you will perform other actions with your mobile phone. And we say "in principle", because fortunately this can change. And we do not talk about being & # 39; hiring YouTube Music.

You have to install Firefox for Android. When done, open the browser and go to the three points in the menu on the right hand side, in the URL bar. Then click on & # 39; Add-ons & # 39; and insert & # 39; Find the reforms for Firefox &. In a promotional gallery of & # 39; Searching to create & create a type of Play Fix Support Video, this is the extension that allows you to play YouTube on the back.

Now go to YouTube in the browser and play the video you want. The distribution, and In the upper bar of the mobile phone you can see information to stop the & # 39; video when you want, as long as you are in & # 39; browsing other applications.

Move the task

Picture: Pexels.
Picture: Pexels.

Cache memory, remote memory of your phone that has recently been stored, can be a problem for the phone, as it can be done. slow down at times. Submissions, when downloaded, they promise to send the task to the destination; do it again, but it does not give a lot (and it can be uncomfortable).

If we see that some work is not working well and we are doing it; think it is the result of the archive, before it finishes to uninstall it, just go to the applications menu and find them (they are sorted in alphabetical order). Inside & app, in the choice & # 39; & # 39 ;, tagh & # 39; Clear cache & # 39;. Unlocking!


Picture: Pexels.
Picture: Pexels.

We will try to make our Android more fun and we will be very different from those that are pre-defined. To do this, let me integrate with Spotify. But how?

We need to get back Google Clock app, which we have already spoken to change your custom settings and it is normally installed; If you do not have a model (or it's in advance), you just need to download it from the Play Store. You open it and go to the section. You will create a new one (in the system + that appears below) or you will not display an arrow one of the ones that were previously set or the ones you created previously in & # 39; off You can see that, under the days of the week, the choice of the tone changes. If you click on it and you have not yet downloaded Spotote Music, then it's done from Google Play.

Once connected with Spotify, select the song that you want to use as a port to wake you up. We hope that, from now on, we will never miss it as a basic fire by phone.

Use your mobile phone as a webcam

How you hear it If you do not have a camera on your Windows computer, Skype is capable of making it and so long. they see your opponent. You just need to have the Android phone and computer share the same wifi (You can also do it with a USB cable, but it will be harder). Once this is done, it's time to visit the # 39; Portsport to download the DroidCam Wireless website.

When installing it, and after giving you camera and microphone permission, On our computer we get access to the Dev47Apps.com website, where we download the & # 39; drivers for Windows or Linux, which need to be downloaded and downloaded. After that, open the & # 39; app & # 39; and follow the steps he will ask. Note the application IP address, as you need to submit it to the computer program until the setup works.

Get an over-arch to files

Drama! Delete some of the pictures that you have uploaded to the cloud and seem to have been wrong. Do not worry, Android can find it. In fact, you have to give something to yourself in a hurry … and put another app on your way.

The Playstation is full of these applications to recover images; and not just that, but also other file types. Among them, we can recommend Dumpster; But be aware: as the description says, it only works once and that we have downloaded it, so it will not return to everything that has been to delete it and you must be permanently installed to continue to & # 39; get files back. The reason is that Dumpster works as a recycle bin to a computer: it's a & # 39; liberate everything we swept away. If you want to go on, offer services in the box to save what you want.

From the apps menu & # 39; Android messaging and you can easily access the synchronized and preliminary text options. (Image: Pexels)
From the apps menu & # 39; Android messaging and you can easily access the synchronized and preliminary text options. (Image: Pexels)

Another option is the app & # 39; app & # 39; Recover deleted images, It will keep track of all the inside storage and your SD cards. After that, he warns us of the images found (also those that have not yet been destroyed, because they give a warning to their description) and his / her; giving us the option to get them back. The developers, GreatStuffApps, have other applications for retrieval or images that may be of interest.

The key is that the place that used these images was deleted by mistake there are no other files: if completed when you go to the search and capture, you will not be able to grab them.

Another option to restore the pictures, but it depends on the module, that you can see in the gallery if you have a choice of recycled brushes. He will take away the pictures from the reel, but just for a few days, so you need to hurry for a while.

Hide pictures from the gallery

Picture: Reuters.
Picture: Reuters.

Talk about photography. You may also send a phone to someone to go & # 39; hear your gallery and do not want to see the pictures that have happened to you on WhatsApp or the screenshots you have made. To do this, you can open a hiding place.

There is a simple way to do: access to the gallery and in settings or settings; hide the already created packages you do not want to be seen: Instagram, WhatsApp … So, if someone uses the phone (also stick or your children to watch videos on YouTube), you will be cartered & # 39; you have on the gallery.

Add radar data to Google Maps

Although the main advice is that you always have respect for the speed limits, & # 39; You may want to find out where the radar is on Spanish roads. And if you can integrate Google Maps, better than better.

To add the radar, you need to find a reliable list first, as it is not official. This extension needs to be .sv, .xlsx, .kml or .gpx for this integration. After downloading, Access Google Maps and enter your sites, by clicking on the three strips on the left. There, choose Maps & # 39; and, below, click on & # 39; Create a map & # 39 ;. If you do it from the computer, open a new tab, with a map that you need to name and where there is already a scale; In this row you will put up the previously downloaded map. For this, click on & # 39; Import & # 39; and watch for your file (It can not be enforced and the file extensions we have told you need). You can upload one or several radar files, which would be the same festival.

Picture: No vision.
Picture: No vision.

You can do this from a computer (which may be more comfortable) or from the mobile phone. In any case, when your radar is filled, you can use them without problems from the Android phone where you installed the app and # 39; with your Google account. You must follow the same plane: go to the three stairs, click on My Places & # 39; and then on Maps & # 39 ;.

Delete updates & apps & # 39;

Maybe I'll let this trick. Generally, it is good for you to install your self-optimized apps for the apps that were installed, but you can jump at the worst time, just when you're using a & # 39; phone. There is a simple trick to avoid it.

For this, we'll go to the Play Store and we'll Going to the three strikes on the left. In the displayed display, we will go to the # 39; Settings & Above, we have detected the new & new Auto automation options. If we click on it, there are three options: updated in any network, only for wifi or self-updating. We will choose the second one.

In the future, remember that you have registered this option, so you would have to go back to here Play Shop to make manual updates (do not return to automated promotional status). To do this, return to the three lines and click on the apps and games & # 39; I have. You will receive all that you have submitted (including a Collection, where you can get all the installed history) and you can see which ones you have to do; need updating.

Change the number of services

Picture: Android.
Picture: Android.

It is difficult for the person to cite you just and turn the number. After a while, you will crack when you hear the WhatsApp message. Then you will build YouTube's measurement is for better video viewing and when you call them again, the sound is very high. And the next day, when you get scared, you wake up the whole community. Is there any way to measure the quantity?

Yes, and it's very simple. There are two forms, one long and the other is short. The long one goes to Rogings or settings and looks for her & # 39; Sounds menu; When we reach it, we can manage because we want the number of multimedia, fear and tone. The cutter in the push button is a push; In doing so, we will find a menu to change a type of audio. If we take the arrow, the rest of the sounds appear, and we can change because we do not have to dip between the handhelds.

How to hide SMS

If you are one of the people who receive short messages (a club offers what you are, security rights to access online accounts), you may want to add bonus security to the SMS folder.

To do this you need to download an SMS Block. Once you've installed it, open it and block the pattern where you want to do this or prevent another message message (you can also do with Messenger or Hangouts, for example). You have a setup menu at the top to the right (on the bone) to change the pattern when you want.

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