Tencent looks to & # 39; China opposes frost with sea design


Tencent has set a contract based on a Singapore based Marine for publishing and publishing. spreading its online games in the south eastern part of Asia, how the Chinese technique giant tried to; damaged by compromising new game agreements in his home market.

Chinese rulers have not approved any commercial licenses for new games from March, when the bureaucratic re-installations of the media management under the direct control of a Communist party. That's just about 7,000 games left in Limbo, with allowed publishers to launch new games but not make money from them.

Smaller games publishers who are highly reliant on new titles have already responded to searching overseas markets but Tencent, with the more complex revenue stream that was & # 39; including retail and financial services, on choosing to be tight – for a shared price.

The contract brings Marine to Garena's digital joy, five years ago; Unable to first & # 39; selling mobile games and Tencent PCs in Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

There is a sea, 34 percent with Tencent, and Several of the Chinese group's games are already spread RSS feeds and League of StorytellingSouth Westerly

Garena said that 161m of active users in the second quarter, creating a $ 139m income – still a fraction of the Rmb25.2bn ($ 3.6bn) created by Tencent online games in the second quarter.

With its contract, Tencent meat will Getting up to a PC market and moving South Asian online mobile shows that are growing, and the estimates of Niko Partners will be a " grows from $ 4.4bn this year to $ 7.5bn by 2022. China is still living in the world's largest gaming fees, now worth $ 30bn worth.

Announcing its Monday contract, the chairman of the chair and chief of the Forrest Li group said he "reinforces our strategic partnership with Tencent as well" to bring intellectual property to the department.

The new frost of new titles in China, which is expected to last until next year, has helped save 40 percent higher Tencent price in January.

This year, only 1,931 games have been agreed in China, compared to more than 9,000 last year, so even after agreements have been going back, there will be a lot of reasons for deal with a regulator.

Shampoo is made up of its & # 39; Most Tencent income, and without commercial license for new titles that are invited to second-quarter jobs. However, smartphone gaming income rises in a quarter up by 7 per cent from the same period prior to a year; Thanking 15 games that had already been approved.

By placing the games on the frost, the authorities have also hit the games, and disturbing "illness" among children.

August ordained August order for Tencent to stop re-selling Hunter Monster game, as long as an education ministry wanted the number of online games to be "strictly controlled" as part of a driver to face the short term in children.

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