Tennis: Jelena Dokic's old tennis star shows group re-enactment


A former tennis star, Jelena Dokic, shows how she changes her body after losing 38kg in five months.

The Australian 35-year-old, who retires from professional tennis in 2014, said he was excited to leave home when she was nearly 120kg.

Existing world has opened. 4, which now affects the scales at just over 76kg and hopes to go down to 64kg, its exciting journey in an appointment on Instagram.

"It is hard work on the left and the start of my lose weight and I look at it," she said in her Instagram role of three photographs herself from October until now.

“I was unhealthy and unsuitable, but even more importantly, I was unhappy, uncomfortable.

"I did not want to go out of the house and I even refuse to provide employment because I was so unsure and unhappy."

Dokic said: "It is not just about weight loss but having a healthy and fair lifestyle and developing healthy, sustainable habits for the other life.

"Although I don't want to talk about the excess kilos, I lost nearly 20 kilos between the second and third photographs by itself.

“I hope I can encourage and inspire everyone. It doesn't really matter what you try to achieve, that can be done.

“I'm halfway on my journey of weight loss and I'm very happy about the future.”

Dokic added that she hopes to inspire other people who are going through similar problems.

“I was thinking about the judgment, unknowing behavior and analysis that sometimes comes from public eyes and social media and placing myself and my problems. then I'm out there to inspire, encourage and help others, especially women, ”she said.

The Wimbledon 2000 semantic opened last year about getting “suicidal thoughts” after her father abused her as a child, published in her biography. T Non-breaking.

Earlier this year, she said she let her mind go “lost” and left her weight through emotional eating and a lack of life structure.

"I was made redundant without knowing what direction I wanted to enter," said Dokic to the Herald Sun in January.

"I was not prepared – that was where my weight started.

“When you are a professional athlete, you're not a bit of a bubble – it's all done for you… training, food, travel, directions, and so it was completely different again. "

Dokic says that his life was self-declared, where he published that she had suffered physical abuse as a child and teenager every time her father was unhappy. satisfied with her performance on a tennis court, which helped her to overcome her weight.

"The book published a lot of feelings I had been stuck in for a long time," said Dokic.

"I am pleased with my contribution (but the weight) that are in the missing section of the puzzle."


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