Tens of thousands of children are not protected against measles in the Czech Republic


An influenza vaccine in the Czech Republic is still in decline.

27 March 2019 at 21:49 SITA

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Prague. The vaccine coverage of the guards in the Czech Republic is still falling to remote rates.

According to the latest data from the Institute of Health Statistics and Statistics, the 80,578 child vaccine was not introduced in 2017, although a vaccine is required.

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In 2016 it was just 4 418 children, providing information for Novinky.cz for news.

More and more people are not allowing children to pass vaccination against measles, and giving children vaccination is vital to preventing the spread of disease.

"Immunization has now fallen to 93 per cent. There is only 86 percent in Prague, where the rate of disease is highest. This figure is no longer protected by the population;

She also said that exposure to influenza is usually considered to be a low risk, but it is true.

Only one person has passed the long-life vaccine has been surrendered, and is not 100% protected: some diseases have been vaccinated twice.

More than 366 people have been infected with measles in the Czech Republic from the start of the year, according to Health Minister Adam Vojtěch, who may be able to accommodate up to a thousand people this year.

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