Terasania can use the first vessels of pedestrians at home


They are cheaper than below, but harder.

KOSICE. Kosit gave Kosit's first goat's goat over in Košice and the western people went to the west; using west west.

There are six SNP class appliances 73.

There are three common and three ordinary rubbish for a collection of different plastics, glass and paper.

Kosit's financial contribution is € 19,400, North West has been investing almost € 9,500.

"Thanks to this solution, we can remove four fuel vessels," said Chief Executive of West Ján Jakubov (Smer).

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Instead of baggage vessels

Kosit's general manager Marián Christenko explained that semi-detached vessels are slightly more expensive than those underground in the south.

"In the underground vessels there is a steel stomach with a stainless steel. This is a broken bag and the rubbish goes out. in bulbs, they will not last long as long as ships. We expect the exchange once or twice a year. "

The problem of fire and possibly builders is

According to Christen, the order goes around half-storey keepers in the hands of the people.

"We can see what's going on to happen. We often deal with burner lanes with police, when this happens, the damage will be bigger, and the longer term for development will be longer. "

Waste builders can also be a problem.

Although the bins are rubbish, adult waterfalls are easily moved to home rubbish.

If the smallest waste is in the goat, it is at a depth of five meters.

"In that case, you must contact the police or the firewall to help."

Test your copy

Underground tools will be cleared in the same way as the usual ones.

One empty will take about fifteen minutes.

"In the south, it has happened that underground keepers have played fast on recordings. In a terrifying case, we are based on our knowledge We will have a refusal for three days a week, separated once, "Christenko added.

There are currently twelve vessels trying to reach ultrasonic fill sensors.

He can send the information to the applicant after completing it, and then send his car to hide it away.

"We will confirm this solution for three months and decide if it is effective, but it would be used largely in underground and underground vessels," Christenko finished.

He is interested in another

Other urban areas were interested in indoor or underground vessels.

"The problem is a problem, everybody has given us a big deal with the application. We are a contract management with their homepage. If your homepage is a # 39 , going on in a way that casts waste, we will not stop it, "said the Chief Executive.

"There is a problem in a housing estate where there are no engineering networks, it does not block the connection or the line of the plot, the car will not block traffic when it is discharged and there is a lot of room for movement, and also the place where these vessels are settled,.

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