Terrace as the first one in Košice to start their markets: Fire actors or live animals will not live in


The western area of ​​the West West also has a day-to-day event preparation that adds to the environment before Christmas.

Košice has a first floor starting to market. Daily results
program, traditional folklore, craftsmen, and live Betlehem. largest
Kosice City West is also prepared this year
An event that promotes a pre-Christmas measure not only by Grounds,
from November 23 to December 21st.

The "origin" will come in the form of Craft Trades at the end of November, that is
This Friday is in the square before the OC gallery comes inside and now
craftsmen of many guilds.

Different Different Programs

There will also be a music program with new art
Indigenous collections, animated evening are prepared for children
with bands and music bands.

Craft markets start to & # 39; playing shows almost every day
many groups, arts organizations and children's activities
continue to Christmas

"The real environment before Christmas will rise on November 30,
when there is a great showcase "Terrace, light up!"
special light effects and 15-meter Christmas tree fireworks.
The revival of Bon Jovi and Bravo folklore is also in laughter.
During the whole market, there will be no live waste
Most animals attract the greatest interest
in children &
said Dominik Béres, head of department. of culture
Kosice – West.

Christmas myth

Even able to nourish with apples will be finished
carrots. If we remembered it was on Terrace during the entire month of the markets
there will be a number of other music organizations, for everyone we talk about Bratislava
King Shaolin dance-pop band, Arctic Monkeys Revival, DIP-Yellow,
Riverstone and many others, folk music ever on Friday night, or so on
also country bands on Wednesday. The smaller ones
visitors always enjoy children's programs on Saturday.

Terracotta markets are specially including Christmas secrets
traditional cooking nutrition and drinks, and visitors on Friday
to be able to symbolically contribute to charity, by deleting them out
mayonnaise, cà no goulash. The Sunday program will be completed again
native traditions, traditions and friends in folklore and

Store and design: Košice City – West

Source: kosice.dnes24.sk

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