Tesla collects its electric car prices to hold stores – News


Tesla, the electrical craftsman, has been nominated to raise the price of high-quality modules by 3% generally. The reason for the company's decision is to conserve a wider commercial network than was originally proposed. The increase will affect the best versions of Model 3, Model S and Model X and will not apply to the normal Model 3, which will continue to be available at $ 35,000. Tesla has announced that prospective buyers can order their products at old prices by March 18. Just a month ago, the company announced that it would be moving to an online sales model. to reduce prices by an average of 6%. Ultimately, negotiations were taken to keep half of the retail outlets, but this has reduced the savings and because of the current increase. Tesla also confirmed that they keep fewer electricity vehicles in the future, and that this can wait until the model required is delivered.

Source: Tesla

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