Tesla: Elon Musk says that a tech company died from death; this year


Elon Musk has ensured that Tesla "weeks" was away from the death earlier this year as he was trying to achieve production targets for Modal 3 sedan.

Talk to you Axios on HBO, the three published how the last year's tax brokerage on its physical and mental health.

"Tesla was very serious this year as a result of the Model 3 product ramp," he said. "We were within one-dimensional weeks."

Musk said that his company was "crazy as money crazy and if we did not solve these problems in a short time we would die, and he was very difficult to solve. "

After having spent a limited number of dates, Tesla will have a & # 39; reaching its production target of 5000 Modal 3s a week in the last seven days of June. Last month, its company has signed a & # 39; Their first seasonal gain from 2016, amazing surveys.

"I worked seven days a week, I was sleeping in the factory. I was in the paint shop, a general meeting, a body shop," said Musk to HBO.

Asked if he was worried about himself "to block him", said Musk, "Yes, indeed. No one should then enter the job. This is not good. People should not work so hard. They should not do this. This is very painful. It hurts my brain and my heart. "

Before hitting the production target Tesla was opposite $ US1 billion in debt reimbursement – around $ US230 million to come in November – not enough money to come to & # 39; company to run.

"I have said earlier that we must prove that Tesla can sustain a profit permanently," he told reporters during the last month's earnings profession. "This verse was an important step for that."

Musk has informed patient patients who have paid repositories for their Model 3 as early as March 2016 that their first Australian deliveries "mid 2019".

After tax and inputs duties, the 3 Modal Holiday will be around $ 80,000 away, complimenting it with Mercedes-Benz C300 or Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro.

The senior chief of the electric craftsman has been suffering a large year marked by personal and professional qualities.

He went down as chairman of his last month as part of a $ US40 million settlement with his & her; The Securities and Exchange Commission, who said that Musk had attacked a series of thweets in August to suggest that he had a funding to company in private.

Musk is also attacked for distress Vernon Unsworth, a British medal expert – who helped in & # 39; Cave rescue in Thailand earlier this year – to call him a "paedo guy" in an amazing Twitter attack.

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