Tesla in China is cheaper. Sale threatens Chinese customs and repairs


A trading war, a growing and Chinese market change. Several items needed rapidly that Tesla would lower the cost of its electric cars in China. Most of the world's largest market sales are vital to the US carmaker, selling about ten thousand cars last year in the country.

The price of the S symbol falls at 12 per cent in car showrooms, twenty & # 39; per cent out of its price with SUV Model X. "We try to take a large number of cars, making our cars more accessible, "said the carmaker in an official statement.

But, as the Financial Times warned him, car car hirers have a car rental price; move several times this year. In response to business disasters in May, Tesla cars were cheaper to build prices two months later. It happened at a time when Tesla Elon Musk's leader named his intention to build his own factory near Shanghai. At this time, a car factory carries all cars into China from the US, which is a major commercial hazard to business. make a loss.

We need to keep track of the Passat, and we may have nothing to do for it, says leader Škoda Auto

China is currently the leading player in the showground. Although normal car sales across the country are declining, electromobiles are successful despite the current economy. haul. China sells more than one third of the world's electric car show, lasting it was over half a million cars. "Tesla Jane just needs," said John Zeng, an analysis of LMC Automotive, Forbes.

However, the strong market for electric cars also attracts Chinese makers who want to; most of the cake is sold. An example is BYD, Warren Buffet's deposit of a quarter quartile door ten years ago. Since then, the region has grown five. The Chinese producer of NIO's happy electric vehicles, whose departments are traded on New York Stock Exchange from September, are also highlighted. "Our cars are cheaper and better than Tesla," we did not welcome NIO's representatives to enter Wall Street.

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