Tesla is returning a transmission program to win the Y and Roadster award with Elon Musk


Just over a month after the program is finished, Tesla is returning a different structured transmission program. It is now giving away 1,000 miles of free Supercharger and the chance of winning the Series Founders Model Y and Founder of Roadster signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen.

Instead of giving out prizes based on how many investments a owner collects, Tesla now gives the user a free 1,000 miles of Free Relief. providing the transmission and the new merchant receiving the cross.

The guide also gets the chance (two if you already have an infirmity) to win cars that Tesla will provide each month and seasonally.

Tesla explains: t

“Now, every time a new Tesla friend buys using your cross-code, you can get both a thousand miles of freedom. Each transmitter will also allow you to set up the Mod Mod series on a monthly basis and a quarterly series of Roadster Supercar founders, each signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen. Tesla owners with an infinite shortage already get two opportunities to receive all transmissions. ”

Tesla completed the original entry program back in February expressing concerns with cost.

As we said before, he had caused Tesla to deliver over 80 new road users for free.

The cost came above expectations, but it helped owners to encourage the company and is now restoring with more reasonable encouragement.

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That is certainly a more realistic way of a cross-transmission program.

I especially like that the new customer and the person entering is getting 1,000 miles of supercharging free.

It feels as if you can collect these people – meaning if you are monitoring Tesla vehicles, you might not have to pay for Supercharging, which may have to be used. be particularly useful to Model 3 owners.

There may be some things to do yet. For instance, I get Supercharing on my Model S, but I don't have my module 3.

Tesla tells me that I get two opportunities to get the chance, as he may be thinking of my Supercharger's S model, but I think I can only have one opportunity. win and reach 1,000 miles of free freedom. for My Model 3.

In a similar fashion, it is likely to be a much more reasonable and fairer version of the program.

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