Tesla is to delete & # 39; Secret weapon that reduced the price of one of its models


The Tesla electricity company has eradicated more efficient models of Model 3 which allowed its flexible vehicle to be purchased in the coming months. more affordable price based on the selection of a standard freight pack.

According to Fred Lambert, a journalist on the Elektra specialist port, this option was considered as the Secret weaponry & # 39; of the company to win the market of the equipment, it's no longer available on the brand website.

The most expensive version of Model 3, which has a long-range battery and costs around $ 45,000, is the best flexible vehicle in 2018, according to CNBC. However, the company expected to build it up Attendance in the normal market reducing cost and & # 39; launching a cheaper turn that allowed large sales of the carriage.

The company's founder published, Elon Musk, even at the beginning of his & # 39; February that he was the model cost around 35,000 dollarsThanks, in particular, to ordinary and inside battery as unhappy. However, according to Lambert, after deleting that option, the Tesla plan could be suspended.

Apparently, the basic module would be available this year, according to the statements that Musk spent in a conference, talk about "estimate" of the term, because The company has to work even more on its strategies to improve it yield costs and more and thus able to reduce its price to the amount offered.

This case would cause the website to be erased entirely among the customers who were on sale; car driver already and, therefore, among the fans of the banner that aimed at a & # 39; buy a car.

The site remembers that Musk is well-known for its & # 39; establish a tight deadline for naming the Tesla milestone and they have a delayed delay. The center says the price 3 of the Model 3 price limit is to be praised real challenge which has the potential that the company can not achieve.

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