Tesla makes a huge return after a very awful year


Tesla likes to think of himself as a contamatic technology company, Silicon Valley. That's far from right. Despite the software updates over & # 39; Vehicle carriage and factory in the Bay District, Tesla is in particular a craftsman.

However, it is the largest technology of car companies, and that is a huge benefit now in Silicon Valley. Because of this, unfortunately, the real-tech companies are starting to start; look good, really bad.

Facebook, which is now circulated from the disastrous New York Times research into social networking through a number of emergencies, is no longer longer to make the world more cheap and open.

Google is combined with the digital-digital military, and the Amazon folklore exhibition was released after the online retailer had completed the divisions between Washington, DC and New City York – two places that could be chosen at least, without free news months for the effort and incentives from the state of New York.

Twitter … ah, well, Twitter. If you wish the texture will be pre-pro-line on 24/7 and without any delay, you know which bird is there; look.

Head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.
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Excellent time of Tesla

And that's just the main players at Internet 2.0. Apple still used a music business, and although Microsoft was not the powerhouse at one time, it is still with us and is not very fond of it. The old model of technological misconduct, Uber, needs to be delighted with Facebook now bringing much of the heat.

Sadly Tesla is certainly unhappy in the summer, what he has with his troublesome Model 3 box and the El-Musk management scheme; Elon Musk failed and action and CSS boundaries later. But his company completed his own season of bad fortune in time to make a profit in the third season. As it emerges, the time was excellent, with the active technology rubbish that was going on; going on.

At the bottom, Tesla is a & # 39; doing things in seeking a noble desire: to & # 39; dealing with a global global accident by liberating humanity from fossil fuel dependence. As well as media broadcasting on the Musk Twitter feeds, there is almost no commitment to advertising, and its business; Facebook and Google definitions.

Former President of the Interior of Travis Kalanick.
Thomson Reuters

Not to kill other businesses, and to manufacturing in the US

Unlike Amazon, Tesla does not destroy legacy businesses. And, indeed, Tesla is designed and done; building his cars in California, and Apple is planning their tools in the Golden State, but are not collected in China.

Indeed, Tesla will be in the future to make cars in China, but for now, it is like a related company that does not. do something especially bad.

I understand that I have a & # 39; revitalizing the entire technology sector – it is clear that some companies are relevant and some people are strong, although many of the hardest people, such as Kevin Systrom, have run away from Facebook, & # 39; possibly as a defense strategy.

That said, if you're looking for a Silicon Valley company that's a? trying to do the right thing and what it looks like that, it's Tesla. Will a company have a & # 39; take advantage of this? That is still visible. But he would have been determined to do that.

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