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Published December 8, 2018
by Zachary Shahan

December 8, 2018 le Zachary Shahan

Anyone outside Tesla does not know official, clear, authentic shows, Tesla. Anyone outside Tesla does not know the global figures without feeling the US. However, one thing is obvious – Tesla is a n; demolish their competition completely in a & # 39; flexible flexible car.

Actually, even even to connect the small and medium-sized brush car sections and its; Bringing together models in these sections from the self-contained windows, Tesla is a king. Check out 10 cards to explore the numbers of November for other posts and estimates for Tesla (and Jaguar).

Just look at & # 39; This model vs. a template table, it is clear that Model 3 does not belong. Some say it's about a long list of Tesla accommodation. But it's sure it's bigger than that. Walking trucks, mouth words, and people just have to search for a good car to & # 39; Going to the sale of Model 3. This is the safest car, the fastest car in the price, the fastest car, and its # 39; Most automobile cars are near Mercedes C class or BMW Series 5. I still have the same question as in the previous months: Why buy any of the other cars on this list?

Here's another way to look at those numbers. Who does not like pie? (In fact, I'm not a big fan but I do not let it in.) Most reading represents 28% of the small and medium-sized brush car sections in the US, and # 39; mean how long the estimate is really true, selling out of Tesla Model 3 in November out of every 4 car sales in these parts. Fighting … if he did not know so much.

As in previous months, I think it's a make more sense of combining small and medium models for each of these messages. After that, Tesla has only one car in this wide range. Their competition should not be mistaken simply because they have more variation and choice. Despite this, the market share of 28% is not changing and Modal 3 still remains on its & # 39; top end.

This is the only competition, but it's so fun to jump between the January and November sales that I created a card just for that.

And this is the third version of this card, if you want to click on slowly or slowly every month and watch Tesla Model 3 rising over 11 months.

Just pull out the best 11 cars in the country (which include the # 11 Model Tesla), this is another fun way to move to watch. In fact, is there any way to accept the & # 39; motion is not fun?

You can think here that you can see its & # 39; first card above. Look closer. This is the sale of January-November for the many small and medium-sized luxury cars in the USA. I can not find this the most interesting record of all. It gives a context. Not just about sale in November or seasonal sales – look at the full 11 months. It is easy for critics, creditors, and trolls to make one month of dealerships, but when Modal 3 is affecting its & # 39; market over the next year, that's something else. We see how things look once & # 39; and get official sales Q4 from Tesla. ?

If we talk about a look, however, I'm going to see it; We think we need to bring even more broad car sales. Above all in the US, only two luxury cars are made on the highest list for November. Without class 17 Mercedes and Model # 6 CLA classes (no march) Tesla 3. It's not far beyond the end.

Again, it is more useful to sell an annual sales, but Modal 3 still sits in the place # 11. As estimated last year, I think that the small electricity solution will be & # 39; Ending the situation # 10 – or even # 9, but I do not want to be too stable in public.

This is perhaps the most fun sport for everyone. Look up to raise the Module 3 in the competitive fields with their favorite cars in the United States. It is interesting. But the most important thing about this record is that it seems to be up to a high level – or at least the main page – that's up to date. Wait CleanTechnica to look at its ability to be fulfilled, and put it into a real, useful, sometimes sometimes awesome story.

Note that we have monthly estimates for the sale of Tesla Modal 3 based on around twelve different sources and individual statements from Tesla. We feel very confident in the general estimates, but as presented above, there are not official figures that have been left by someone inside Tesla or anything like that.

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