Tesla Model 3 Sales = 32% of all small small-scale car sales in December (SA)



Published 4 January 2019
by Zachary Shahan

4 January 2019 le Zachary Shahan

This year's electric car story – now, the car Story of the year – the Tesla Model 3 that was going to & # 39; business with the storm. Just as we've been back 3 or 4 years ago, Tesla's ability has been in & # 39; creating more accessible, more accessible market tools, adding shillings down other customer spindles – or it should not be. I review a famous old product to explain the story in a different way:

When they came for the great provocative sedans, they did not tell me anything. When they came for the big spoon SUVs, did not tell me anything. When they came out for the excellent sedans, did not tell me anything. When they came to my friendships & butter, there was no gas driver left to say anything.

As you can see in the next two programs (sales records for December and for all 2018), the Tesla Model 3 is set up against the small and medium-sized carcasses on the # 39; The market is the cause of nostalgia … for the emails. None of these cars are applicable:

In this next chart, tell us that you can move from month to month to see how Tesla Modal 3 was sold over the year.

As I did in the last few months, for the next two programs I've sold the cheap and small cars for each brand. I think that's the best way to compare how Tesla's little luxury cars are on; market and only one in the middle section. In other words, if you want a small Tesla, you need to settle on a 3 moderate mode, and if you want a medium Tesla, you will have to repeat the same option again.

Model 3 is still winning – with a broad edge – in December, for the whole year, and every month from July.

Car model Sale Christmas Department department
Tesla Modal 3 (est.) 25,570 32%
Class Classes Mercedes C + CLA + CLS + 13,549 17%
BMW Series 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 10,574 13%
Lexus ES + IS + GS + RC 8,506 11%
Audi A3 + A4 + A5 + A6 7,477 9%
Infiniti Q50 + Q60 + Q70 4,681 6%
Acura TLX + RLX 3,047 4%
Buick Waterfall + Regal + Lacrosse 2,388 3%
Lincoln MKZ 1,874 2%
Cadillac CTS 977 1%
Volvo 60 + 90 966 1%
TOTAL 79,609 100%

There are several ways to look at all data together. Consider them.

1. Initially, you can think that the Tesla Model 3 is just far more competitive – a much harder car – than the small and small luxury cars on the market.

That would explain why Model 3 has been & # 39; Raising its competition since Tesla was upgraded, and even for the whole year despite having a high level of representation for a & # 39; most of the year.

2. It is another chance that Tesla's year-old value was built up and delivered in a year. In other words, this argument argues that Tesla has met all the applications for Model 3 for a couple of years – or something like that.

One problem with this dissertation was that 75% of the sales were in the fourth quarter no reasons. These were no The merchants that set $ 1,000 in 2016 or 2017 to book a car for an early order. That means that it was just a big Q4 demand; There is only a request for a car.

3. But it is another chance that Model 3 sales have been so large because of & # 39; and the $ 7,500 federal tax credit for EVs was cut separately on January 1, 2019, for Tesla customers.

Although this is definitely contributing to some of the 2018 deliveries, I have said it's not a #; Most Model 3 customers are able to know about tax credits, yet they still do not know about the car. I do not know that I know that I know people who are familiar with people who are familiar with electric vehicles and Model 3 are familiar especially before I can talk to them – and maybe even after I have talked to them. ?

A tax lender may expand out a lot of sales in 2018, but I am going to sell it. Assuming it will inspire many sales in 2019 as more people learn about it and the car. In addition, Tesla has already priced $ 2,000 in order to help outline its & # 39; faith, and will continue to produce lower versions of Model 3 in the areas that lie ahead.

One thing that has not been identified in the above settings is the responsibility of mobile phone sales and its; See a car on the road to take an application. With ~ 140,000 Modal 3s on US roads today, a new population of the population will suddenly learn about the car and be encouraged to buy it. I think Tesla is a n; affecting the impact of that evening.

At the end of the story, the aim is that the Tesla Model 3 is the safest car on the US car market – far – and the next two cars behind is Teslas – Model S at # 2 and Model X at # 3 Post Office This is also the fastest car in her price and the most advanced technology of any car is on her / her; market. In addition, the total cost of investment is financially financed with much lower modules, such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

What does the Tesla Model 3 big explosion outline in 2018? One does not know the right formula that gave 140,000 sales in those 12 months, but we know there are still many reasons for millions of users to fall in love with & # 39; car and one of them in their laptop or parking space.

Oh yes, and the 3000 foundation is not even on market yet and there is no option to rent Model 3! It will also include both Modal 3 settings to many other customers.

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