Tesla plans to introduce a new Supercharger generation in 2019


Elon Musk not long agofrom

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Tesla plans to double the Supercharger carrier station network size by the end of next year. He also believes that Supercharger is covered under his / her company's efforts, "95% to 100%" of the "active markets". But, considering that, Tesla said he would Increasing the number of keepers to 18,000 in 2018 last year, but now the number of official websites in the last year; only 11,414. The Musk narrative is similar to Sheikou.

In addition, Tesla's head appeared that the V3 version of Supercharger will be announced next year. The new generation of tax solutions, which is said to be a major efficiency improvement, has been deferred several times earlier (it should be based on its original plan), I hope it will not be saved again this time.

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