Tesla says Zupx is starting to start his own motive starting the secret


Tesla estimates that zoox stole a secret self-excitement about his logistica system and a table with a number of workers leaving “trading intentions”, according to new law.

Zoox is a fairly secretive start that has developed a vehicle with electricity and devolution.

You think that if Tesla had an intellectual property issue it would be self-driving, but Tesla ensures that Zoox is theft “ownership information and trading systems about their logistical systems.

They have introduced a law for Zoox and 4 former procurement workers who went first:

“This debate comes from Zoox's coordinated efforts, Inc.. “Zoox”, a competitor to Tesla, Inc. (“Tesla”), and several Tesla staff now, are the owners of Tesla's owner information and trade confidentiality to provide Zoox leapfrog in recent years of operation that has to be developed and run t its own goods stores, logistics, t and contract management activities. Like they left Tesla, they did workers, including the Turner Turner (Turner), Sydney Cooper, Christian Dement, Craig Craig (Emigh), disappeared by Tesla by owner-occupier documents that are useful to their new employer, and at least one using secret Tesla information to target others Tesla staff for recruitment with Zoox. In the process, they are Tesla's trading mystery, breaking the deal with Tesla, and breaking it up loyalty duties, all with Zoox knowledge and support. ”

Tesla describes how compelling evidence is that he is an attempt to steal IP in the law:

“For example, just before you leave Tesla for Zoox, Turner defender – Newark Distribution manager at Tesla, CaliforniaThe Venue – e-mail to two Tesla mystery documents which he has sent to a personal email address, with only the corresponding number “you sly dog ​​you…” in the body of the email. Likewise, he himself went away from Tesla, Defense Dement – former storeman of a warehouse – sent four secret Teslas documents for his personal email An account, with the line “Good Stuff.” After the defender Emigh came to Zoox, unfortunately sent an e-mail from Cooper at Cooper, sending an e-mail. an amended version of Tesla's ownership document, implemented directly with the Zoox logo, but still exists still with the shape, design and other symbols of the Tesla turn – obviously show are active in using the Tesla information they stole. ” t

Accordingly, they did not send out their own evidence outside of these descriptions. T

Tesla also says that staff have stolen information from the enterprise system WARP, developed by Jay Vijayan, was long-serving Tesla's long-serving Chief Information Officer.

This is the full law:

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Well, now we are going to have a nice law set by Tesla about the theft of trade secrets a week. We gave an account earlier than today about Tesla's continued away from another worker for telling us that we are introducing an original Autopilot code to the Chinese start Xpeng.

I'm not sure what you think about that.

Tesla feels like he has strong evidence for the people who have gone to Zoox, but the company has not yet shared this.

But I want to hear from both sides before making a decision here because I think Tesla has made a mistake in the past, like Sterling Anderson did. decisions made for them.

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